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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Planned transport corridors

Transport and Main Roads has an essential role in connecting Queensland and its people by providing a long-term strategic direction for roads throughout the state. Identifying and planning future transport corridors is part of this process. Transport corridors are not only for motor vehicles, but also for rail, bus, cycling and pedestrians.

All planned future transport corridors are categorised in accordance with the Approved Planning Policy. The Policy articulates planning categories which denote the level of protection for planning and how it may be used externally and in the development assessment process. Implementation of the Policy gives clarity around public expectations for state transport infrastructure planning and delivery including land requirements.

The Policy outlines 4 categories of planning:

Some corridors, identified and protected many years ago, need to be re-evaluated to determine their future role in the transport network. The original reasons for their approval may have changed and they are being reassessed to take in current conditions. For many of these corridors, the state already owns a significant proportion of the affected property; some of these corridors are identified as Category B – Planning in Progress and cannot be used to condition development approvals. Examples include:

Last updated 21 August 2020