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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Building safer roads

Transport and Main Roads is committed to building safer roads throughout the state-controlled road network.

Safer Roads Sooner program

The Safer Roads Sooner (SRS) program is a key component of the Queensland Government’s commitment to improving road safety through implementing high benefit, cost effective, road engineering treatments that address known and potential crash locations on state-controlled roads. SRS targets crash types that often result in high severity outcomes (fatalities and serious injuries) such as:

  • intersection crashes
  • run-off road crashes
  • head-on crashes.

Works funded through SRS include:

  • intersection and signal improvements
  • improving surface skid resistance
  • installing guardrails
  • removing roadside hazards
  • providing rest areas
  • installing audio-tactile line marking (ATLM).

What's a forgiving roadside?

There are many objects on the side of a road which may cause injury to the vehicle occupants and damage to vehicles if a collision occurs. These objects include:

  • trees
  • rocks
  • traffic control devices, for example: traffic signs and traffic signal posts
  • power poles.

A forgiving roadside provides a clear zone on either side of the road.

Sometimes this clear zone is not possible. For example, a rigid power pole might be in the way. This is when safety barriers are used. Safety barriers shield road users from obstacles or hazards.

Safety barriers and guard rails need to be designed carefully to best protect the road user. We have high safety standards and keep abreast of developments and possible alternatives. Queensland was the first state in Australia to adopt higher single-slope concrete barriers, addressing rollover concerns.

We have fitted lower rails on w-beam barriers at sites with a high rate of motorcycle crashes. This includes Mt Glorious Road and Kilcoy-Beerwah Road. The department is 1 of the first jurisdictions to adopt this practice.

Safety at roadworks

Safety at roadworks is a high priority for the department. Roadworks can be dangerous places for road users but they are also a workplace for the department's staff and contractors.

Visit our roadwork safety page for more information.

Last updated 23 December 2022