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Road safety strategy and action plans

Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Strategy 2015-21

The Queensland Government is committed to reducing the burden of road trauma on our communities. Nothing is more important than the safety of the people who travel on the state’s vast road network.

Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Strategy 2015-2021 marks the first time a Queensland government has committed to a vision of zero road deaths and serious injuries. While this is an ambitious concept, it is supported by informed targets. In Queensland, we will aim to:

  • reduce fatalities from 303 (average 2008-2010) to 200 or fewer by 2020
  • reduce hospitalised casualties from 6,670 (average 2008-2010) to 4,669 or fewer by 2020.

Queensland’s Road Safety Action Plan 2020-21

Queensland’s Road Safety Action Plan 2020–21 is the third action plan launched under the strategy. It was informed by consultation with stakeholders through Safer Roads, Safer Queensland forum and forums in regional Queensland.

The action plan outlines 50 initiatives to be implemented over the next 2 years.

Our priority areas are:

  • culture, health and behaviour
  • environment and infrastructure
  • planning our future.

Previous action plans

Queensland's Heavy Vehicle Safety Action Plan 2019-21

Supporting the Queensland Government's commitment to a vision of zero road deaths and serious injuries, The Heavy Vehicle Safety Action Plan 2019–21 builds on the priorities and initiatives of its predecessor (the Heavy Vehicle Safety Action Plan 2016–18), identifying 36 heavy vehicle safety interventions for implementations over the next 2 years.

Developed in collaboration with government agencies transport and logistics industries, and peak bodies, the Heavy Vehicle Safety Action Plan 2019–21 aims to further improve infrastructure, encourage technology and innovation, administer safe speeds, modify driver behaviour, and create heavy vehicle awareness for all road users across the key action areas of:

  • safer roads
  • safer vehicles
  • safer speeds
  • safer people. 

To maintain momentum and commitment to the success of the Heavy Vehicle Safety Action Plan 2019–21, monitoring and reporting will be informed by nominated innovation champions and invested partners, and delivered quarterly to the (industry and inter-agency) Heavy Vehicle Safety Working Group. 

Previous action plans

The Queensland Speed Conversation

Following the vision and guiding principles of Safer Roads, Safe Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Strategy 2015-2021, the Queensland Speed Conversation is our plan for engaging with the public and delivering projects to improve speed and road safety in Queensland. It recognises and seeks to promote the major role speed plays in all road crashes, the responsibility the community as a whole has for reducing road trauma, and specific actions we are taking to resolve the speed problem in the state.

Research shows that there are many Queensland motorists who do the right thing and travel at safe speeds. However, it is also shown that many other motorists continue to speed, especially by small amounts over the speed limit.

The dangers of speeding are not always well understood. We believe that when motorists understand how dangerous all speeding really is, they will choose to travel at speeds that keep themselves and their communities safe on the road.

This document is our commitment to engaging with the public about road and speed safety by:

  • using facts and myth-busting to empower people to make safe driving decisions based on the realities of speed
  • providing tools to governments, peak bodies, community groups and individuals to facilitate conversations about road and speed safety
  • running and partnering in local events to encourage exchange of ideas about and generate solutions to local road and speed safety issues
  • creating a central portal where people can ask questions, source information, check for upcoming events, be inspired by the outcomes of other successful conversations, and share their own stories.

All Queenslanders are responsible for safety on roads and are therefore potential participants in conversations about speed and road safety:

  • Advocates can talk to others about why they choose safe speeds.
  • Local governments can ask communities about what speeds they want for keeping kids safe around local roads.
  • TMR can work on providing tools and information to facilitate conversations at organised events and at home.
  • Everyone can work with each other, local community groups and government representatives to identify root causes of, and solutions to, locationally-specific road and speed safety problems.

But–a conversation is two-way. We ask Queenslanders to meet the challenge of being open to changing the way we look at speed and keep each other safe on our roads.

This document also commits 21 specific actions which will improve speed management and safety, in parallel with community engagement and conversations.

Last updated
14 January 2021