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Logan City Council—planning for walking in a changing urban environment

Our draft guidance for developing walking network plans was piloted with 3 local governments in 2020–21.

We partnered with the Logan City Council and other relevant stakeholders to pilot walking network planning guidance for the proposed relocation of Loganlea station.

Key messages

  • Planning for walking is essential to identify local access opportunities and barriers where multiple complex planning projects occur in 1 precinct.
  • Use the planning stage for major developments as a catalyst to create walking network plans for the surrounding catchment—incorporate findings into business cases where possible.
  • Agree on a vision for walking before preparing a walking network plan and works program.
  • Take a strategic approach to planning, to highlight and resolve conflicts between the movement, access and place functions of a precinct.


The Queensland Government has proposed the relocation of Loganlea station. The proposed new location provides an opportunity to improve walking access between the station and:

  • Logan hospital
  • TAFE Queensland Loganlea campus
  • Loganlea State High School.
Map showing existing site and proposed relocation site for the Loganlea rail station, highlighting Logan hospital, TAFE and Loganlea State High School

Caption - Project map of proposed Loganlea station relocation project

Our Active Transport Team worked with the Station Relocation Planning Team, Logan City Council and other relevant stakeholders to pilot walking network planning guidance in a 2km catchment around the proposed relocation site. The pilot was conducted at the same time as preparation for the relocation business case.

The Loganlea precinct is undergoing significant change, including:

  • planning and construction for upgrades to the hospital site
  • improvements to Loganlea Road
  • proposed new medical facilities.

This pilot was conducted when the council was refreshing its mobility plan for the precinct. Online workshops with stakeholders identified the potential impact of their own planning and development on walking access through the precinct.

Artist impression image of the Loganlea Road Healthy Street Project showing buildings, roads, cars and pedestrians

Caption - Loganlea Road Healthy Street Project artist impression (image courtesy of Logan City Council)

Insights and learnings

Include planning for walking as early as possible in major projects

  • Focus on the walking network highlighted the competing transport demands on Armstrong Road (adjacent to the proposed station site).
  • These demands were incorporated into the design options stage for the proposed station.

Consult with stakeholders from related projects

  • This pilot provided an opportunity to coordinate planning for walking across multiple complex planning projects, each managed by different entities.
  • Working with these stakeholders raised the importance of walking access across the entire precinct, and the importance of including planning for walking in the planning process for each development.

Involve design and planning professionals

  • Development of the draft walking network plan (WNP) benefited from involving urban design and transport planning professionals in the process because of the precinct's important movement and place functions.
Photograph of road, footpath and land for proposed relocation of Loganlea station on Armstrong Road

Caption - Site (on right) of proposed relocation of Loganlea station on Armstrong Road, Loganlea (Image courtesy of TMR)


Stakeholder feedback highlighted:

  • value in connecting the station with the broader community, not just the station precinct itself
  • importance to prepare a local vision for walking that sets the framework for preparation of the WNP and priority works program
  • appreciation of the opportunity to consider a walking network for the precinct—complementing council's work to improve the walking environment along Loganlea Road.

TMR project manager, Loganlea station relocation project:

"During the pilot process it was clear that it was about ensuring that the local community can get to and from the station and also across the rail line ensuring that, for instance, students from the Loganlea State High School can have a safe and accessible walking route to Loganlea TAFE."

Lizel Herholdt, Transport Planner, Logan City Council:

"Involvement in the pilot helped us [transport planning] to understand that we need to be more strategic in our planning for walking, and to start thinking about what this strategic framework might look like in the city to give us something to guide future funding/investment for active transport."

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19 August 2022