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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Queensland Walking Strategy

An easy choice for everyone, every day

The Queensland Government wants walking to become 'an easy choice for everyone, every day'. 

When we talk about walking, we also include running and moving with the help of a mobility device (such as a wheelchair, mobility cane or a walking frame).  

Every Queenslander should have the opportunity to walk for transport, health and recreation. More people will walk when everyday destinations are connected by comfortable, direct, safe and accessible routes. 

To achieve this, we have developed Queensland’s first walking strategy with 4 priority areas: 

  1. Planning for walkable communities and places
  2. Building connected, comfortable and safe walking environments for all
  3. Encouraging more people to walk as part of their 'everyday'
  4. Working together to deliver for walking.
The Queensland Walking Strategy coordinates and integrates the state’s approach to walking so communities can be made better for people of all ages and abilities. The strategy suite includes:

Cover of the Queensland Walking StrategyQueensland Walking Strategy 2019–2029

The Queensland Walking Strategy 2019–2029 sets the direction to make walking an easy choice for everyone, every day over the next 10 years. 

Download the Queensland Walking Strategy 2019–2029




Front over of the action plan, showing women in a wheel chair talking to her friend that is walking.Action Plan for Walking 2022–2024

The Action Plan for Walking 2022–2024 lists the practical actions we need to do to create more walkable communities and encourage more walking. The action plan is updated every 2 years and this is the second plan under the Queensland Walking Strategy 2019–2029.

View the Action Plan for Walking 2022–2024

Download the Action Plan for Walking 2022–2024


Walking in Queensland Report 2019Cover of the Walking in Queensland report

The Walking in Queensland Report 2019 provides a snapshot of current levels of walking in Queensland and baseline measures for monitoring our progress towards achieving the vision to ‘make walking an easy choice for everyone, every day’.

Download the Walking in Queensland Report 2019 



What Queenslanders told us

We connected with Queenslanders, stakeholders and experts to understand how we can make walking an easy choice for everyone, every day to develop the Queensland Walking Strategy 2019—2029.

Consultation took place with people and organisations from across the state, including regional locations.
The engagement was held during a 2-month period to hear first-hand what Queenslanders want for their walking future. Engagement options included:

  • sharing comments and photos on the interactive Ideas Wall 
  • surveys
  • written submissions 
  • workshops with state agencies and local governments.

Queenslanders, local governments and industry also contributed their walking stories and case studies

A summary of the results of the community engagement process is available in Walking: What Queenslanders told us

Queensland Walking Summit

The Queensland Walking Summit on 14 March 2019 was the flagship engagement event and involved nearly 100 community representatives from walking, bike riding, health, accessibility, academic, education and recreation organisations from across the state. 

At the summit the Queensland community developed the vision, priorities and potential actions during 5 hours of high energy workshopping. Community representatives raised priorities around creating streets and places that put walking first, improving safety, amenity and shade, working together and encouraging walking.

What Queenslanders said about the Queensland Walking Summit

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Last updated 16 November 2022