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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Walking network plans

Walking network plans show the primary and secondary routes for walking through an area. This is an important first step for identifying how to improve the area so that walking becomes an easy choice for everyone, every day.

Walking network plans focus on important local destinations such as town centres, public transport stops, schools, shops and hospitals. The routes can extend as far as 2km from the destination. 

Walking network plan routes will support and inform future planning, design and construction of the transport network.

In conjunction with local governments, we are leading the development of walking network plans in locations across Queensland. Plans are developed using our Guidance and include stakeholder engagement.

Walking is important for transport, health, and wellbeing for everyone; when we talk about walking, we also include running and moving with the help of a mobility device (such as a wheelchair, mobility cane or a walking frame).  

More walking network plans will be added as they become available. 

View the plans by local government:

Walking network plan routes are available for view and download from:

The datasets will be updated periodically as new plans become available.

You can also check local government websites for their own walking network planning.

Find out more about our walking network planning guidance

Last updated 19 April 2024