Loganlea train station and park 'n' ride relocation

We are relocating Loganlea train station and the park 'n' ride closer to Logan Hospital.

Loganlea train station is an important transport hub that helps the surrounding community connect to South East Queensland (SEQ). With nearby health, education and community services, a safe and accessible station design is vital for those who live, visit and work in the area.

The Australian and Queensland governments are planning to relocate and upgrade Loganlea train station, to make sure it can accommodate future growth in the region and deliver the most benefits to the community.

The detailed design for the train station was completed in 2023, when it was released for community feedback. 


  • Improves safety
  • Improves network efficiency
  • Contributes to economy
  • Better active transport
  • Accessibility
  • Increases capacity
  • Reduces peak hour congestion
  • Reduces travel time

Key features

The Loganlea train station relocation project will deliver:

  • improved access to the train station with ramps, stairs and lifts from Valencia Street and Armstrong Road
  • better connectivity to local facilities and across the rail line
  • a new train station building to include real-time display screens, new wayfinding signage and hearing loops
  • improved safety by increasing visibility to the train station concourse and platforms and providing additional lighting and CCTV
  • raised platforms and flush kerbing to allow level access to trains
  • better active transport and a secure bicycle enclosure 
  • platform widening and tactile ground surface indicators on platforms
  • provision for fare gates to the platforms that can only be accessed by customers
  • provision for future track and platform expansion, enabling the delivery of the Logan and Gold Coast Faster Rail project.

Loganlea train station concept layout—subject to change

Aerial view of the new Loganlea station proposed layout and local road network.  Features of the station are labelled from one to 14 including station building and ticketing, covered platform, lifts and stairs to platforms, pedestrian overpass, improved safety with lighting and CCTV throughout station, park 'n' ride, kiss 'n' ride, accessibile parking spaces, bus stop, secure bike enclosure, connection to active transport, main station entrance and pedestrian crossings across Armstrong Road.
Artist impression of Loganlea train station—concept only, subject to change.
  1. Station building and ticketing
  2. Covered platforms
  3. Future platforms
  4. Lift and stairs to platforms
  5. Pedestrian overpass
  6. Improved safety with lighting and CCTV throughout the station and car park
  7. Park 'n' ride
  8. Kiss 'n' ride
  9. Accessible parking spaces
  10. Bus stop
  11. Secure bicycle enclosure
  12. Connection to active transport
  13. Main station entrance
  14. Pedestrian crossing across Armstrong Road.


The Australian Government’s Independent Strategic Review of its Infrastructure Investment Program resulted in the Loganlea Train Station Relocation park 'n' ride expansion no longer receiving the previously committed $15 million Australian Government funding. Project scope, cost and timing are subject to further planning, consideration and negotiation with the Australian Government. Investment ID 1490266

A revised project cost of $173.8 million for the Loganlea Train Station Relocation project was announced on 22 December 2023.

Funding figures as at QTRIP 2023-24 to 2026-27 (June 2023).

Total investment
$95 million
Australian Government
$50 million
Queensland Government
$45 million

Current status

We have released the detailed design for Loganlea train station relocation. Procurement activities are now underway, ahead of the expected contract award in 2024.

Community engagement is now complete with a summary of the findings available in early 2024.  

Community engagement

We are currently reviewing your feedback from the community engagement we held in November and December 2023.

During the engagement period, we:

  • delivered flyers
  • held community drop-in sessions
  • met with community groups and key stakeholders
  • launched an online engagement platform, where the community could view project materials and provide feedback via an online survey.
Field investigations

You might notice some field investigations being conducted around the new Loganlea station location. This information will help us understand more about the existing conditions and environment along the rail corridor.

If we need access to private property, we will contact the owners in advance to make suitable arrangements.

Information for local business owners

Local business owners are encouraged to register their details with us by contacting the project team on 1800 957 066 or by emailing LGC.Business@tmr.qld.gov.au

Land acquisition

Land required for the construction was compulsorily acquired in April 2023 under the Acquisition of Land Act 1967 (Qld)

Loganlea train station project concept map—subject to change

Map of the new Loganlea station and nearby landmarks including Loganlea State High School, TAFE Qld Loganlea and Logan Hospital. Local streets are shown - Bernice Street, Valencia Street, Kraatz Avenue, Armstrong Road and Neridah Street. Key features include new tracks, active transport corridor, rail maintenance access road, pedestrian links, overpass and crossings, secure bike enclosure, bus stop, kiss 'n' ride, park 'n' ride and local road changes.