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Queensland Walking Strategy

Person walking with a crutch.

The Queensland Government is preparing a Queensland Walking Strategy. The strategy will provide the framework for promoting walking as an accessible, active transport mode across the state, delivering the health benefits for Queenslanders and access to important destinations such as schools, shops and public transport.

When we talk about walking, we also mean jogging, running, and moving with the aid of a mobility device (such as a wheelchair or a walking frame) in public places and spaces (such as parks, paths and streets). 

The strategy will include:

  • 10-year strategy document
  • 2-year action plan
  • Walking in Queensland report.

The strategy will set out the vision for the next 10 years and the action plan will identify the areas for further investment including timeframes.

The development of the strategy will directly contribute to our vision for a single, integrated transport network accessible to everyone. 

Why are we preparing a Walking Strategy? 

Walking is fun, relaxing, active, inexpensive, environmentally friendly and social, as well as being good for local communities and businesses. 

Research tells us that 1 in 5 Queensland adults already walk for recreation1 and the Queensland Government wants to see more people walking, more often. 

Every Queenslander should have the opportunity to walk or to use walking facilities so they can experience the many benefits it offers, such as health benefits from increased physical activity. 

Walking is also one of the best transport options for short trips. Whether you are walking to school, the local shops or public transport, choosing to walk is good for you and good for your community. 

The Queensland Government is investing $2.5 million over the next 3 years to deliver a range of initiatives and actions identified as part of the Queensland Walking Strategy to improve the environment we walk in and the facilities we walk on. 

1Australian Bureau of Statistics. 2015. Participation in Sport and Physical Recreation 2013/14 – Queensland. Canberra

Community engagement and next steps

The 2-month formal community engagement period for the Queensland Walking Strategy closed on 3 February 2019.

The Queensland Walking Strategy, Action Plan and Walking in Queensland report are due for release in late 2019.

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Last updated
01 July 2019