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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Walking in Queensland

Benefits of walking

Walking is part of every journey we make. It is important that people are encouraged to walk more often. As a regular activity, walking:

  • improves health and fitness for individuals in the community
  • benefits the environment by reducing air pollution and traffic congestion
  • provides children with an informal learning environment for their physical, practical, emotional and social development
  • improves local neighbourhoods when goods and services are purchased locally
  • provides people with the social benefit of interacting with others in their community
  • increases a sense of safety with more people out and about
  • is the least costly and most sustainable form of transport.

Walking programs

For information on walking programs and groups in your local area, contact your local council, which may also be able to provide you with suitable maps.

Some of the walking programs that are available in Queensland include:

Last updated 02 August 2022