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Department of Transport and Main Roads

School Bus Upgrade Scheme (SchoolBUS)

Assistance available for upgrading school buses

The Queensland Government provides funding to eligible school bus service providers to assist with the purchase of new buses or buses that are less than 5 years old. The objective of the scheme is to replace school buses before they reach their maximum operating age.

Funding is available to replace eligible buses being used on kilometric and fares-based routes for which the service provider holds a Prescribed School Service Contract. 

For more information about SchoolBUS refer to the SchoolBUS Guidelines and Conditions 16A/2024 and SchoolBUS Guidelines and Conditions 16B/2024.

The Queensland Government is currently considering changes to SchoolBUS. Once the details for FY 2024-25 are finalised, TMR will advise service providers and publish updated SchoolBUS Guidelines and Conditions. 

Maps of the notified roads and defined urban areas are also available. To download these documents, select from the following links:

Contact us for further information on the School Bus Upgrade Scheme.

Last updated 11 March 2024