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About operator accreditations

Under section 12(1) of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994 all operators of public passenger services must attain and maintain Operator Accreditation in order to provide public passenger services in Queensland.

A public passenger service is a service for the carriage of passengers if:

  • the service is provided for fare or other consideration, or
  • the service is provided in the course of a trade or business, or
  • the service is a community or courtesy transport service.

There are different categories of operator accreditation. These include:

  • taxi services
  • limousine services
  • urban scheduled services
  • minor scheduled services
  • school scheduled services
  • long-distance scheduled services
  • general services – covers charter services, tourist services (general and off-road), accommodation transfer services, tourist transfer services, unscheduled long distance passenger services, and any non-defined passenger transport service
  • motorcycle tourist services
  • community services
  • courtesy services.

The purpose of operator accreditation is to ensure operators:

  • operate and maintain their vehicles appropriately
  • are aware of their passenger transport legislative responsibilities
  • comply with vehicle design, safety and operational requirements
  • are able to meet customer service expectations.

Under section 19(1) of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Standard 2010, applicants for operator accreditation must successfully complete a training course approved by the Director General, Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Information bulletins and application forms outline the requirements and application process for operator accreditation and are available for download.

Various legislations, regulations and standards are relevant to operator accreditation.

Passenger transport offices provide assistance with driver authorisations, operator accreditations and other services.

Last updated
20 September 2016