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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Assessment of workbooks

You must have your Operator Accreditation Workbook assessed by one of our approved assessors. Please view the Department of Transport and Main Roads' list of approved assessors

You are responsible for making contact with an assessor and arranging to have your workbook assessed.

Assessment of the workbook is conducted through the mail. This allows operators to choose an assessor anywhere in the state. Contact with assessors can be made by phone, email or post.

We have set a maximum permitted assessment fee of $197 (+GST) which the assessor can charge. This fee allows for a limited amount of assistance from the assessor. Assistance can take the form of guiding you towards the source of the answer, or encouraging you to think of all the elements the answer should contain.

If you do not successfully complete the training in the first instance, you can resubmit the workbook two more times. If you have not successfully completed the workbook after the third submission, you will need to purchase and complete a new Operator Accreditation Training Certification Package, and start the assessment process again at your own cost.

If you are not satisfied with the assessment you receive, you can apply in writing to the manager (Passenger Transport Operations) at your local Passenger Transport Office for a review of your assessment. The request for a review must include the grounds on which it is being sought.

If you experience difficulties reading or writing, or come from a non-English speaking background, you may arrange for someone else to write the answers on your behalf. You must complete a form that is included with your Operator Accreditation Training Certification Package. In this case, you as the operator, are still responsible for completing the training and understanding your obligations under passenger transport legislation.

Last updated 11 March 2019