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Booked hire service licence

A booked hire service licence (BHSL) is a licence for a vehicle that ensures it is suitable and safe to provide booked hire services to customers.

If you provide a booked hire service to customers in a vehicle (excluding taxis and limousines), you need a BHSL for your vehicle.

All BHSL holders and drivers must be affiliated with an authorised booking entity to provide personalised transport services.

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BHSLs are non-renewable and non-transferrable and are issued for a 12-month period only. To ensure continued coverage of your BHSL after expiration, you must submit a new application before the expiry date. If you wish to continue to provide booked hire services after your current BHSL expires you will need to apply for a new BHSL. It is recommended you apply at least 20 business days prior to your expiry date to ensure there are no disruptions to the services you provide.

Fines and sanctions will apply to drivers, operators and booking entities providing booked hire services without a current BHSL.

You can check your current BHSL by viewing the personalised transport public register.

Check your eligibility

Who can apply for a BHSL?

  • individuals
  • partnerships
  • companies/corporations
  • incorporated associations
  • trustees who manage a trust or superannuation fund (must be held in the name/s of the trustee of the trust or the superannuation fund).

Your vehicle must also meet the vehicle requirements to provide a booked hire service.

Transport history checks

The department will verify the transport history of everyone on the application. Your application may be refused if you have:

  • had a taxi service licence, limousine licence or BHSL cancelled or suspended within the previous year, or
  • committed an offence relating to providing a taxi service or ride-booking service within the previous year.

Checks undertaken for a BHSL are different to those undertaken for a Driver Authorisation (DA).

How to apply for a BHSL

There are 2 ways you can apply.

Note: applications can take between 5 and 20 business days to process and may take longer in peak periods. You can apply up to 6 weeks before your current BHSL expires.


You can apply online if you're an individual or a company with an Australian Company Number (ACN), you have a valid TMR customer reference number (CRN), and a current Certificate of Inspection (COI) recorded by TMR.

If you do not have a customer reference number (CRN), you must apply in person.

In person

You can apply in person at a transport and motoring customer service centre.

If you are a partnership, incorporated association, or trust you must apply for your BHSL in person.

Before applying, please consider the following:

  • You cannot save and restart your online application at a later date, so please ensure you have all relevant documents and your vehicle is eligible before you start.
  • You may include up to 10 additional persons on your BHSL at the time of application only.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive an email from TMR with your BHSL. If you don't have an email, your BHSL will be posted to the address provided on your application.

Application requirements

You will need all of the following before you start your application:

  • A valid CRN for each person on the application
  • If you, or anyone on the application do not have a CRN, you must apply in person and provide evidence of identity (use form F3503)
  • The vehicle nominated on the licence must meet all the requirements:
    • current registration in Queensland with the appropriate Purpose of Use (POU)
    • a current COI
    • the correct CTP insurance class (26, 4, 11 or 10A). If you have not notified TMR of your CTP insurance class, you will need a letter from your insurer with the correct CTP insurance class.
  • If you are using someone's vehicle, complete form F5190 from the registered operator
  • An email address so you can receive notifications about your application and your BHSL (if it is approved).
  • Payment:
    • if applying online, payments made with a credit or debit card will incur a credit card surcharge.
    • if applying in person Visa, MasterCard, eftpos, money order or cash are acceptable.

If you're applying as a corporation, incorporated association or partnership you will also require:

  • An Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • A current copy of the Certificate of Registration of a Company
    Example of certificate of registration.
  • A current copy of the Current Company Extract listing all directors (issued by ASIC)
    Example of current company extract. The 'next review date' on the second page must show a future date. Review dates in the past cannot be accepted.
  • For partnerships:
    • a formal Deed of Partnership document which lists all involved parties (all parties must sign)
  • For incorporated associations:
    • a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
    • an official extract from the register of incorporated associations listing the current management committee members (issued by Queensland Office of Fair Trading) (all management committee members must sign)
  • For trustees of a trust:
    • a copy of the Deed of Trust document which outlines the trustee's powers and lists all involved parties (all trustees must sign).

If you're a corporation with an ACN and would like to apply for more than 10 BHSL applications per transaction, you may be eligible for a bulk application process. Please email the BHSL and BEA processing hub if this is something you are interested in.

Application forms

Application fee

The current application fee is $259.95. The fee must be paid in full at the time of application. Fees are adjusted annually on 1 July.

Once you have your BHSL

  • It is mandatory for BHSL holders to carry a copy of the BHSL for the vehicle. This may be in either printed or in an electronic format (for example, on a smart phone) but must be presentable at all times.
  • Your BHSL cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Other drivers may use the vehicle listed on your BHSL to provide booked hire services, however they must have a current Driver Authorisation (DA) and they must carry a copy of the BHSL for the vehicle. The BHSL copy may be either printed or in electronic format (for example, on a smart phone) but must be presentable at all times while they are using the vehicle.
  • You can change the vehicle listed on your BHSL, for example when your vehicle is sold or written off or you have upgraded your vehicle.

Surrendering your current BHSL

If you no longer want to use a vehicle to provide a booked hire service or the BHSL holder is deceased, you can surrender the BHSL at any time.

To do this:

If you can't access the form, email to request a copy of the form.

Note: if your vehicle fails any of the ongoing BHSL checks (for example currency of registration), your BHSL licence may be suspended or cancelled, which is different to surrendering your BHSL licence. If your BHSL is suspended or cancelled, this may impact any future reapplication for a BHSL.

Changing details on your BHSL

If details on your BHSL have changed:

  • For example change of motor vehicle, change of address details, director names, registration plate details, complete form F2976. You will need to submit this form in person at a TMR customer service centre.

If your vehicle details have changed:

If your contact details have changed:

Sign up to the e-notice and e-reminder service to ensure you receive important notifications and a reminder when your COI is due to expire.

Fines and sanctions

Fines and sanctions will apply to drivers, operators and booking entities for non-compliance.

  • Drivers—it is an offence to provide a booked hire service without a current BHSL. You can be fined up to 160 penalty units ($22,056) for a first offence and up to 320 penalty units ($44,113) for a second or subsequent offence. Drivers can also have their driver licence suspended for 1 month if they have committed 3 relevant transport offences within a 3 year period.
  • Operators—it is an offence to operate a booked hire service without a BHSL. You can be fined up to 160 penalty units ($22,056) for the first offence, 320 penalty units ($44,113) for a second offence, and 2,400 penalty units ($330,849) for the third or subsequent offence.
  • Booking entities—it is an offence to issue jobs to drivers who are driving a vehicle without a BHSL. You can be fined up to 160 penalty units ($22,056) for the first offence, 320 penalty units ($44,113) for a second offence, and 2,400 penalty units ($330,849) for the third or subsequent offence.

Ongoing monitoring

The vehicle listed on your BHSL must meet the vehicle requirements during the full 12 month BHSL term. TMR will monitor all vehicle requirements, including:

  • current Queensland registration
  • current certificate of inspection (COI) unless exempt
  • correct compulsory third party (CTP) insurance class
  • correct purpose of use (POU).

If your vehicle fails any of these checks, your BHSL may be suspended or cancelled. If your COI expires and you don't renew it, your vehicle will be non-compliant and your BHSL will be suspended or cancelled.

Your affiliated Booking Entity will check the status of your BHSL including vehicle registration expiry date, POU, CTP and expiry date on the personalised public transport register.

Last updated
01 July 2021