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Surrendering your booked hire service licence

How to surrender your current BHSL

Due to COVID-19, pro-rata refunds are temporarily being offered to those who choose to surrender their BHSL.

To apply for a pro-rata refund:

If you can't access the form, email to request a copy of the form.  

Note: if your vehicle fails any of the ongoing BHSL checks (for example currency of registration), your BHSL licence may be suspended or cancelled, which is different to surrendering your BHSL licence. If your BHSL is suspended or cancelled, this may impact your eligibility for a refund or any future reapplication for a BHSL.

Processing times

Refunds may take up to 3 months to process. Refunds are calculated on the date your application is received by TMR. Your patience is appreciated.
Last updated
12 May 2020