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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Infrastructure Contracts

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If ‘Project Trust Account’ (PTA) is required, please contact Manager (Contracts) on (07) 3066 4306.  Additional clauses and revised tender schedules may be required.  Alternatively, the Department of Energy and Public Works contract may be utilised subject to conditions. Department of Transport and Main Roads will be required to do further reporting on the use of PTA. 

Infrastructure Contracts

The Transport Infrastructure Contract (TIC) suite was released in April 2015 and comprises TIC-Construct Only (TIC-CO), TIC-Sole Invitee (TIC-SI) and TIC-Design and Construct (TIC-DC).

The Minor Infrastructure Contract (MIC) suite was released in April 2017 and initially comprised MIC-Construct Only (MIC-CO). Minor Infrastructure Contract - Sole Invitation (MIC-SI) was released in July 2017.

The Small Scale Minor Works (SSMW) Contract suite was released in June 2017.

All forms applicable to the TIC, MIC and SSMW suites are hosted at the respective pages for

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Principal Arranged Insurance

Established in 2003, Transport and Main Roads Principal Arranged Insurance (PAI) program covers the infrastructure construction risks of the department, contractor, and in some instances consultants, when delivering work under the Queensland Transport Roads Investment Program (QTRIP). The PAI 'bulk' program covers eligible construction contracts with an awarded value not exceeding $100M (excluding GST). Construction contracts with an awarded value greater than $100M (excluding GST) are considered 'major projects' and require project specific insurances.

Disclaimer: The below policy terms, conditions and deductibles specified may not apply to specific organisations who have been notified by the Principal separately. It is the responsibility of tenderers to ensure appropriate checks are made within the tendering organisation to verify if different terms, conditions and deductibles are applicable. No valid claim shall arise under the contract from a failure to take in account alternative terms, conditions and deductibles notified to specific organisations, which differ from the Principal Arranged Insurance standard terms, conditions and deductibles.

Construction Program 2023

Applies to eligible construction contracts awarded between 31.12.2022 and 31.12.2023.

Construction Program 2024 - 2026

These insurance terms shall apply to tenders that will result in contracts awarded between 31.12.23 and 31.12.2026.

Claims Procedure

If an event occurs that might give rise to a claim, ensure the Transport and Main Roads insurance unit is notified immediately. Late notification can create difficulties and possible delays in the assessment process.

For PAI enquiries, please email

Last updated 04 December 2023