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Category 3 - Roadworks, Drainage, Culverts and Geotechnical


MRTS03 Drainage, Retaining Structures and Protective Treatments (January 2019):


MRTS04 General Earthworks (March 2020):

MRTS06 Reinforced Soil Structures (November 2018):

MRTS14 Road Furniture (July 2019):


MRTS15 Noise Fences (March 2019):

MRTS16 Landscape and Revegetation Works (July 2017):


MRTS24 Manufacture of Precast Concrete Culverts (July 2017):


MRTS25 Steel Reinforced Precast Concrete Pipes (January 2018):


MRTS26 Manufacture of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Drainage Pipes (July 2017):


MRTS27 Geotextiles (Separation and Filtration) (July 2017):

MRTS28 Contractor's Site Facilities and Camp (November 2019):

MRTS45 Road Surface Delineation (March 2020):

MRTS46 Skid Resistant Friction Coating for Steel Road Plates - WITHDRAWN:

MRTS51 Environmental Management (November 2019):


MRTS52 Erosion and Sediment Control (July 2018):


MRTS55 Use of Explosives in Roadworks (July 2017):

MRTS100 High Strength Geosynthetic Reinforcement in Road Embankments (July 2019):

MRTS140 Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) (July 2017):

MRTS141 Microtunnelling and Pipe Jacking (July 2017):

MRTS142 Thrust Boring and Auger Boring (July 2017):

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08 April 2020