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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Category 4 - Electrical and ITS

MRTS91 Conduits and Pits (July 2023):

MRTS92 Traffic Signal and Road Lighting Footings (March 2018):

MRTS93 Traffic Signals (March 2024):

MRTS94 Road Lighting (November 2023):

MRTS94 Administrative Forms

MRTS97 Mounting Structures for Roadside Equipment (July 2022):

MRTS200 General Requirements for Intelligent Transport Systems Infrastructure (July 2017):

MRTS201 General Equipment Requirements (July 2023):

MRTS202 Variable Message Signs (November 2021):

MRTS203 Provision of Weigh-in-Motion System (November 2022):

MRTS204 Vehicle Detectors (July 2021):

MRTS206 Provision of Variable Speed Limit and Lane Control Signs (March 2024):

MRTS207 Traffic Survey Foundation Equipment (March 2023):

MRTS208 Roadway Ancillary ITS Infrastructure Monitoring and Control (July 2018):

MRTS210 Provision of Mains Power (November 2021):

MRTS211 Pedestrian Push Buttons and Audio Tactile Drivers (October 2017):

MRTS213 UPS for Roadside Devices (November 2018):

MRTS214 Provision of Wireless Traffic Sensors (WTS) (March 2020):

MRTS216 Provision of Road Condition Information Signs (November 2022):

MRTS217 Motorway Ramp Information Signs (RIS) (July 2022):


MRTS218 Vehicle Activated Signs (March 2023):

MRTS219 Internally Illuminated Pavement Markers (July 2023):

MRTS220 Third-Party Radio Facilities in Transport and Main Roads transport corridors (March 2023)


MRTS221 Help Phones (November 2022):

MRTS222 Electronic School Zone Signs (July 2021):

MRTS225 Imaging (March 2020):

MRTS226 Telecommunications Field Cabinets (November 2023):

MRTS227 Changeable Message Signs (March 2023):

MRTS228 Electrical Switchboards (July 2021):

MRTS229 Electronic Traffic Control Signs (July 2023):

MRTS231 Road Weather Monitor (RWM) Systems (July 2023):

MRTS232 Provision of Field Processors (July 2017):

MRTS233 Roadway Flood Monitoring Systems (July 2023):

MRTS234 Communications Cables (March 2024):

MRTS242 Recreational Boating Infrastructure Lighting (July 2023):


MRTS245 ITS Telecommunications Network (ITS TN) (July 2020):

  • MRTS245 and associated MRS245 documents are restricted documents available to authorised Transport and Main Roads staff and relevant contractors and others specifically responding to actual Transport and Main Roads tenders and/or contracts calling up MRTS245, or actively currently working on Transport and Main Roads projects nominating MRTS245. If this is the case, please request and obtain these via your nominated Transport and Main Roads Project Manager or Transport and Main Roads Commercial / Contracts Manager who should email


MRTS249 Transportable Changeable Message Signs (March 2023):


MRTS250 Provision of Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (July 2021):

MRTS251 Traffic Counter/Classifier (July 2022):

MRTS252 Next Generation Traffic Signal Controllers (November 2019):

MRTS253 Traffic Signal Lanterns (July 2023):

MRTS255 Traffic Signal Controllers (November 2020):

MRTS256 Power Cables (July 2023):

MRTS257 Feeder Cable and Loop Cable for Vehicle Detector (November 2020):

MRTS259 Transportable Generator (July 2017):

 MRTS260 Temporary Variable Speed Limit Signs (July 2023):

MRTS262 Transportable Variable Message Signs (July 2022):

MRTS263 Standalone Solar (PV) Power Systems (November 2019):

MRTS264 Type-1 Portable Traffic Signals (March 2021):

MRTS265 Type-2 Portable Traffic Signals (July 2019):


MRTS267 Boom Barriers for Roadworks (November 2021):

Last updated 27 March 2024