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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Category 2 - Bridges, Marine and Structures

MRTS59 Manufacture of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite Girders (July 2017):

MRTS60 Installation of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Girders (July 2017):

MRTS61 Gantries and Support Structures for Road Signs, Tolling Systems and ITS Devices (November 2020):

MRTS62 Bridge Substructure (November 2023):

MRTS63 Cast-In-Place Piles (November 2020):


MRTS63A Piles for Ancillary Structures (November 2020):


MRTS64 Driven Tubular Steel Piles (with reinforced concrete pile shaft) (November 2020):


MRTS65 Precast Prestressed Concrete Piles (November 2020):


MRTS66 Driven Steel Piles (July 2017):

MRTS68 Dynamic Testing of Piles (July 2017):

MRTS70 Concrete (July 2022):



MRTS71 Reinforcing Steel (March 2023):


MRTS71A Stainless Steel Reinforcing (Withdrawn):

  • MRTS71A suite withdrawn in November 2021 as now incorporated into updated MRTS71 suite. 

MRTS72 Manufacture of Precast Concrete Elements (July 2019):


MRTS73 Manufacture of Prestressed Concrete Members and Stressing Units (July 2019):


MRTS74 Supply and Erection of Prestressed Concrete Deck Units, Kerb Units and Winged Planks (November 2023):

MRTS75 Supply and Erection of Prestressed Concrete Girders (November 2018):

MRTS76 Supply and Erection of Steel Girders (March 2019):

MRTS77 Bridge Deck (July 2019):

MRTS78 Fabrication of Structural Steelwork (November 2020):


MRTS78A Fabrication of Structural Stainless Steelwork (November 2020):


MRTS79 Fabrication of Aluminium Components (November 2020):


MRTS80 Supply and Erection of Bridge Barrier (July 2017):

MRTS81 Bridge Bearings (November 2020):

MRTS81A Stainless Steel Bridge Bearings (July 2017):

MRTS82 Bridge Deck Expansion Joints (July 2021):

MRTS82A Finger Type Bridge Deck Expansion Joints (July 2017):

MRTS83 Anti-Graffiti Protection (November 2019):

MRTS84 Deck Wearing Surface (July 2019):

MRTS84A Removal of Bridge Deck Wearing Surface (July 2017):

MRTS85 Repainting Steel Bridges (July 2017):

MRTS85A Repainting Existing Steel Bridges and New Steel Bridges Zinc Metal Systems - WITHDRAWN:


MRTS86 Widening, Strengthening and Rehabilitation of Bridges (July 2017):

MRTS87 Supply of Timber Bridge Materials and Components (July 2017):

MRTS88 Protective Coating for New Work (July 2017):

MRTS89 Post-tensioned Concrete (July 2017):

MRTS90 Modular Bridge Expansion Joints (July 2017):


MRTS270 Precast Geopolymer Concrete Elements (November 2018):


MRTS271 Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Reinforcement (March 2023):


MRTS272 Shotcrete for Aboveground Applications (November 2020):



MRTS273 Fibre-reinforced Concrete (November 2020):



MRTS274 Repair of New Concrete Construction (November 2023):


MRTS278 Supply of Structural Fasteners (November 2020):


MRTS300 Construction of Boat Ramps (March 2024):


MRTS301 Fabrication and Construction of Floating Walkways (July 2017):


MRTS302 Fabrication and Construction of Pontoons (July 2017):

MRTS305 Dredging (July 2017):

Last updated 27 March 2024