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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Category 5 - Pavements, Subgrade and Surfacing


MRTS05 Unbound Pavements (July 2022):

MRTS07A Insitu Stabilised Subgrades using Quicklime or Hydrated Lime (July 2022):

MRTS07B Insitu Stabilised Pavements using Cement or Cementitious Blends (November 2022):

MRTS07C Insitu Stabilised Pavements using Foamed Bitumen (July 2022):

MRTS08 Plant-Mixed Heavily Bound (Cemented) Pavements (November 2022):


MRTS09 Plant-Mixed Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Pavements (July 2022):

MRTS10 Plant-Mixed Lightly Bound Pavements (November 2022):


MRTS11 Sprayed Bituminous Treatments (Excluding Emulsion) (November 2023):

MRTS12 Sprayed Bituminous Emulsion Surfacing (November 2018):

MRTS13 Bituminous Slurry Surfacing (November 2018):

MRTS17 Bitumen and Multigrade Bitumen (March 2022):

MRTS18 Polymer Modified Binder (including Crumb Rubber) (November 2023):

MRTS19 Cutter Oils (March 2020):

MRTS20 Cutback Bitumen (July 2020):

MRTS21 Bituminous Emulsion (July 2020):

MRTS22 Supply of Cover Aggregate (July 2020):

MRTS23 Supply and Delivery of Quicklime and Hydrated Lime for Road Stabilisation (July 2017):

MRTS30 Asphalt Pavements (March 2024):

MRTS32 High Modulus Asphalt (EME2) (March 2024):

MRTS36 Recycled Glass Aggregate (November 2020):

MRTS38 Pavement Drains (July 2017):

MRTS39 Lean Mix Concrete Sub-base for Pavements (November 2018):


MRTS40 Concrete Pavement Base (November 2018):



MRTS41 Concrete Pavement Base (Ancillary Works) (July 2023):


MRTS42 Supply of Wax Emulsion Curing Compound for Concrete (July 2017):

MRTS43 Supply of Armourstone (July 2022):


MRTS57 Geotextiles for Geotextile Reinforced Seals (July 2022):

MRTS58 Geosynthetics for Subgrade and Pavement Reinforcement (July 2022):

MRTS101 Aggregates for Asphalt (November 2022):

MRTS102 Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Material (March 2019):

MRTS103 Fillers for Asphalt (July 2017):

MRTS104 Asphalt Geosynthetics for Delaying Pavement Reflective Cracking (July 2022):

MRTS110 Coloured Surface Treatments (March 2023):

MRTS111 High Friction Surface Treatments (March 2023):

MRTS115 Insitu Stabilised Subbases using Triple Blend (July 2022):

Last updated 28 March 2024