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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Suitability checks for driver and rider trainers

Driver Trainers are accredited under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Accreditation and Other Provisions) Regulation 2015.

The Queensland motoring public, including the learner driver, family members or a guardian of the learner driver, must have confidence in the Department of Transport and Main Roads selection processes.

A full traffic and criminal history check is performed on all applicants applying for driver and rider trainer accreditation.

The department may take into account any charges or offences committed in any jurisdiction in deciding whether or not to issue the accreditation. An applicant is expected to be road safety conscious and be a responsible road user themselves.

Driver trainers are expected to model good driving behaviour at all times in their own driving and, all driver trainers should have a good driving history record.

Criminal offence history

Accreditation may be refused to a person who has been convicted of a criminal offence. The application may also be refused if the person has been charged with a criminal offence and the charge has not been finalised. In accordance with the Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 1986, certain earlier offences can be considered where they continue to form part of the person's criminal history.

Traffic offence history

A poor traffic history is an indicator of poor driving behaviours and it also implies that a person may not have sufficient regard for, or an understanding of, the road rules.

A traffic history check is undertaken on all applicants to determine their suitability for the role. Driver trainers must retain an open class of licence for the licence class that they teach.

A driver trainer who has had their licence downgraded from an open licence to a probationary licence is not eligible for re-accreditation until they regain their open licence and hold the open licence for the class that they intend to provide training for at least 12 months.

Driver trainers who have their driver licence suspended for any reason cannot continue to perform any aspect of the accredited role while the licence remains suspended.

Assessment of offence history

In conducting an assessment of a person's offence history record, the following factors are considered:

  • the nature of offences committed
  • when the offences occurred
  • the type and severity of the penalty imposed
  • if the penalty was imposed by a Magistrate's Court, or a higher court
  • any pattern of re-offending or frequency of offences
  • community expectations and public safety considerations
  • if the person made truthful declarations on the application form in declaring offences.

Post accreditation obligations

After accreditation is granted, the driver trainer must comply with all regulatory obligations.

If an accredited driver trainer is charged with or convicted of a disqualifying offence the driver/rider trainer must give the department signed notice of the event including details within 14 days of the event. Refer Schedule 1(7) of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Accreditation and Other Provisions) Regulation 2015.

A person's accreditation status can be reviewed at any stage during the period of accreditation to ascertain if there is evidence of charges or offences.

Last updated 14 August 2023