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Department of Transport and Main Roads


Transport and Main Roads currently exercises majority control over Transmax Pty Ltd.

Transmax provides STREAMS (a fully integrated Intelligent Transport System) to help Australia’s road agencies manage traffic congestion.

The company also provides a range of associated products and services to help maximise the performance of road networks.

Further details can be found at the Transmax website.

Transport Holdings Queensland

Transport Holdings Queensland Pty Ltd was a company established by the Queensland Government for the purpose of jointly owning the company DBCT Holdings Pty Ltd with Queensland Treasury Holdings Pty Ltd. 

DBCT Holdings was a company established by the Queensland Government to act as the lessor of the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal assets on behalf of the state. 

During the financial year ending 30 June 2012 the principal activity of Transport Holdings Queensland was to act as a corporate vehicle through which the Queensland Government invested in assets of strategic importance to the state. 

On 1 July 2011 Transport Holdings Queensland's share ownership in DBCT Holdings was transferred from Transport and Main Roads to Queensland Treasury Holdings Pty Ltd. In addition, on 1 July 2011 Transport Holdings Queensland received shares in Transmax Pty Ltd. 

As a result of this, Transport Holdings Queensland maintained 100 per cent control over Transmax Pty Ltd during 2012. On 1 July 2012, shares in Transmax Pty Ltd were transferred to the direct control of Transport and Main Roads. Transport Holdings Queensland was subsequently wound up as a corporate entity.

Last updated 25 January 2019