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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Infrastructure Investment – National Projects

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The Australian Government, through the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DIRD), is primarily responsible for funding projects on the National Land Transport Network (NLTN). The network is based on national and inter-regional land transport corridors that are of critical importance to national and regional economic growth and connectivity.

The process for accessing funds committed under the National Partnership Agreement between the Australian Government and Queensland Governments is detailed in the ‘Notes on Administration’. Federal Ministerial approval is required for the scope and funding for a committed project (see link below for list of committed projects).

There are several smaller and more targeted programs within the Infrastructure Investment Program (IIP). Governance arrangements for these programs may differ from the National Projects arrangements. Please refer to the Australian Government Infrastructure Investment link for more details.

Notes on Administration

The Notes on Administration (NOA) describes the administrative processes for the approval, variation, monitoring and reporting of the IIP.

The Notes on Administration:

  • describe the framework for consideration, approval and funding of projects including associated terms and conditions
  • set out the administrative processes that applicants must follow when developing and submitting project proposals
  • set out the administrative processes that funding recipients must follow to claim payments, seek variations to project approvals and comply with the terms and conditions of funding.

Project Proposal Report (PPR) Template

A Project Proposal Report (PPR) template and required attachments must be used to document the required information on the proposed project. All questions in the report must be clearly answered. The PPR can be found in the DIRD links above. 

The OnQ project proposal, options analysis, business case and project plan, as applicable, should be used to fully document the project requirements including; project background, stakeholder analysis, project impacts, design development considerations, options appraisal, scope management, project cost, risks and delivery strategy etc. The relevant details will then be included in the PPR. The completed PPR is submitted to DIRD for funding considerations/approval. A Project Cost Breakdown (PCB) is also required to be completed and submitted with the PPR for total project costs greater than $25 million. See TMR contact below for latest PCB template.  

Post Completion Report (PCR)

An Australian Government post completion report (which is different to and an abbreviation of the OnQ completion report) must be completed on project finalisation. The report summarises performance and outcomes against scope, schedule, budget and quality, and any requirements set out in the approval letter. The report should be completed in accordance with the Notes on Administration and PCR template.


Refer to the National Programs Team of the Portfolio Investment and Programming (PIP) Branch of the Department of Transport and Main Roads for further information and assistance. Phone 3066 3572. 

Last updated 07 May 2020

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Note: Federal program management templates do not substitute for internal departmental project management templates.