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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Technical notes

Technical notes contain information relating to the department's technical documents. Technical notes should be read alongside the relevant standard, manual or guideline.

The Amendment Register summarises the significant changes to each Technical Note over time. 

Technical note categories

  • TN160 Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) - sets out the guidelines for implementation of VAS including identification and assessment of potential sites, selection of sign display, determination of activation speed, sign position and support.
  • TN170 Township Entry Treatments (TETs) - applies to the site assessment and installation of TETs mainly on state-controlled roads but it can be applied to local government roads where the speed differential is high.
  • TN206 Guide to Coding Crashes - sets out the process for the coding of crashes in Queensland including definitions and terminology, crash type classification, Descriptive Road User Movement (DRUM) codes, the DRUM coding decision tree, the DRUM groups and DRUM coding examples. Please use TN206 DRUM information in conjunction with this Technical Note. These two documents supersede and take precedence over Queensland Guide to Road Safety Part 2 Appendix A.
  • TN207 Planning for Safe Transport Infrastructure at Schools - Bicycle Parking - provides an interim update to the Planning for Safe Transport Infrastructure at Schools (PSTIS) guideline on bicycle parking and access requirements, to assist in the planning and design of new and upgraded schools in Queensland. This Technical Note is to be read in conjunction with the PSTIS guideline as it takes precedence over and replaces original content pertaining to bicycle parking provisions.
  • TN115 Signing and line marking for heavy vehicle interception sites - withdrawn: see Signage and line marking for heavy vehicle interception sites guideline for guidance on the installation of signs and line marking at interception sites.
  • TN129 LUMS System performance specification - describes the performance specifications for the Lane Use Management System (LUMS) that apply at a system level.
  • TN185 Project recognition signs - describes the requirements for project recognition signs, how and where they should be installed, and what they should look like. Project recognition signs includes: project signs, horizontal and vertical banners, and mesh screening.
  • TN191 Reducing pedestrian delays - provides the description of treatments, investigations to complete to determine treatment effectiveness and other considerations to improve pedestrian delays for use by local government and road operators in areas of high pedestrian activity.
  • TN195 Traffic Guidance Schemes worked examples - provides worked examples of the TGS development applicable for various work and road type scenarios, based on AS1742.3, AGTTM, QMUTCD, QGTTM and Guideline - Traffic management at works on roads.
  • TN197 Provision of shade along pathsguides practitioners involved in transport infrastructure projects and implementing shade along paths where walking infrastructure has been provided due to pedestrian demand and activity.
  • TN200 Slip base pole clamping bolt tethering system installation - provides step-by-step installation instructions to minimise the risk of harm to road users, damage to vehicles and road infrastructure.

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Last updated 19 April 2024