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Anchorage areas (anchorages) are a critical part of safe and efficient port operations.

Anchorages are pre-determined locations for ships to safely anchor and are essential to the operation and management of commercial shipping associated with ports. Anchorages play an important role by:

  • enabling port efficiency
  • enhancing safety on the waterways
  • allowing commercial ships to conduct maintenance
  • minimising potential environmental impacts.

Anchorages at priority ports

Front cover of anchorages at priority ports report with link to the report.

Anchorages at priority ports has been developed to help people understand:

  • the purpose of anchorages
  • why they are important
  • how they are managed.



More information on anchorages in Queensland

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) plays a vital role in protecting Queensland's waterways and the people who use them—providing safer, cleaner seas. As part of this role, MSQ provides information to the port and shipping industries on anchorage design management and jurisdictional arrangements.

Key documents can be found in the maritime statistics and reports library:

  • Anchorage Area Design and Management Guideline 2019
  • Jurisdictional responsibility for anchorage in Queensland 2016.
Last updated 02 June 2022