First Nations Trainee profiles

We provide on-the-job apprentice and trainee opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples helping to give many a start in the workforce. These opportunities extend not just through our business but also with companies and businesses we partner with to deliver our important work across the state.

Below are the profiles of a few of our trainees. 

Harley Mabo—Cert 3 Civil Construction, Bama Services

A person in high vis gear in front of road plant

Connection: Murray Island

Job Title: Trainee Operator

I have been learning about sub-grade and when to roll, I enjoy working on the multi roller, its satisfying to go through from start to finish and see how smooth the material is at the end.

I enjoy being out here in the bush, its good experience and good money. 

I’m lucky to work with Bama so close to home, otherwise I would have had to travel further away to get this kind of experience. 

Trumayne Cobus—Cert 3 Civil Construction and Plant Operations, Nambal Resources

A person in a yellow shirt with sunglasses

Connection: Nguuruungu 

Job Title: Plant Operator

I work at Nambal Resources at the Mt Amos Quarry as a Loader operator. I load trucks, weigh and print load dockets, clean out conveyors and mix the road bases. 

I get to work with mates and cousins and Nambal is owned by our Traditional Owners. Each day I get to learn new skills and create a better life for my family. 

In 2017 and 2018 I did some work on the Kennedy pit, supplying gravel for the Fairview West Part A project. 

Stewart Wallace—Cert 3 Civil Construction and Plant Operations, Nambal Resources

A person in a yellow shirt

Connection: Binthi-Warra 

Job Title: Plant Operator 

I work as a loader operator, serviceman and labourer. At Nambal I get to do a range of different jobs. I like working for Nambal because they understand culture and I get to work with friends.  

It's good pay and I get to learn about rock. I have worked on other jobs like Picaninny Black soil as a plant operator through Nambal. 

Simeon Namok—Cert 3 Civil Construction, RoadTek

A person in high vis gear

Connection: Cairns

Job title: Civil Construction trainee

I’m a Civil Construction trainee on Fairview West Part B. I have been getting a lot of hands-on experience to do with all things road building. I get to see road building from start to finish. 

This is the first Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR) project I have worked on. I like working on the PDR, I’m always learning new things and getting more experience. It is giving me better opportunities for the future and it's going to help me to reach my goals.

Working on the PDR means a lot considering I have a lot of family in the area, in Cairns. 

Pete Romano, Bama Services

A person sitting in high vis gear

Connection: Cairns/Innisfail  

Job Title: Leading Hand 

I have previously worked on a few Cape York jobs including Musgrave, Ten Mile Creek, South of Duck Holes Creek.  

I love working up here out in the open, it gives me a sense of accomplishment to see the project at the start and then look at the end product.

What we are doing here helps the communities to connect to everyday needs like education, health care and even just going to get your shopping or groceries.

I like to mentor the young boys on site and show them how the landscape and road can change. It gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment to see the project through to the end finished product. 

Preston Ross—Cert 3 Civil Construction and Plant Operations, Nambal Resources

A person with a yellow shirt

Connection: Okala 

Job Title: Plant Operator

I work as a plant operator at Nambal Resources and Quarries. My main job is as a plant operator, driving the excavator to feed the crushing plant machines and doing some general repairs and maintenance.

I like working at Nambal because I get work close to home and country for at 100% Indigenous-owned business. We all work well as a team and I get to learn new skills.

I have worked on jobs supplying gravel for the Endeavour Valley Road and Fairview West Part A projects under the Cape York Region Package. 

Greg Waigana—Cert 3 Civil Construction, Bama Services

A person using road equipment

Connection: Saibai Island, Torres Strait Islands 

Job Title: Trainee Operator

I happy to be back working on the PDR, I previously worked on the Coen South project in 2016 and 2017. 

I mainly work on the roller compacting after the grader has been through. I have done some work picking up contaminant and general labouring work too. 

I love the job, the people and the weather up here. 

I get to work closer to family and friends and it's nice to get to know Laura and the community. 

Jyroz Congoo—Cert 3 Civil Construction, Bama Services

A person standing in front of road equipment

Connection: Kalkadoon 

Job Title: Trainee Operator

My favourite thing is driving the bobcat but most days I'm on the roller. Recently I have got to help out with the installation of culverts doing some compaction works. 

Working on the PDR is such good experience, the crew is awesome. I’ve got lots of good mentors and people I can ask for help or advice.  

Working on the PDR also means I get to get home regularly and I’m never away from home for long stints.