Capital projects are funded through the Marine Infrastructure Fund (MIF), which is the capital component of the Marine Infrastructure Investment Program (MIIP).

The Department of Transport and Main Roads works in partnership with local government and port/water authorities to provide new and improved recreational boating facilities throughout Queensland. Under these longstanding arrangements, Transport and Main Roads builds the in-water components of a facility and councils and port/water authorities provide the land-based components, and then manage the whole facility when completed.

Queensland has some of the best waterways and beaches in the country, and many residents and visitors enjoy boating throughout the state. It is only fitting that the large (and ever-growing) boatie population has safer, upgraded facilities such as boat ramps, floating walkways and pontoons that are capable of handling increased demand well into the future.

The Queensland Government has committed to a $30 million 2-year extension of the Marine Infrastructure Fund (MIF) running from July 2018 to June 2020 to provide new and upgraded recreational boating facilities.

The MIF and MIIP fund:

  • public recreational boating facilities for launching and retrieving recreational trailer boats
  • maintaining depths in state boat harbours and selected high-use channels to ensure access to the busiest recreational boating facilities
  • pontoons and jetties for deeper-draught vessels such as yachts and powerboats, for pick-up and set-down of passengers and supplies, and limited commercial use.