Clump Point Mission Beach boating infrastructure project

We are undertaking works to upgrade the public boating facilities at Mission Beach Clump Point.

The project is being delivered in 2 phases under 2 separate contracts. 

A contract for the delivery of phase 1 of the project was awarded to MGN Civil Pty Ltd in mid-December 2018.

Phase 1 works included:

  • additional boat ramp lane
  • upgrade existing breakwater
  • upgrade existing car park and turning area
  • installation of a new detached breakwater
  • installation of a toilet block in the southern carpark. 

On-site works started 1 March 2019 and their first stage was completed in February 2020.

A contract for the delivery of phase 2 of the project was awarded to The Jetty Specialist in May 2019. 

Phase 2 works include the construction of:

  • an access jetty
  • 2 berthing pontoons
  • a floating walkway
  • 6 pen berths
  • 5 swing moorings.


  • Contributes to regional growth
  • Contributes to economy

Key features

  • Will improve boating infrastructure, facilitate local economic development, enable joint commercial and recreational usage and respect the rich natural environment and cultural heritage of Mission Beach
  • Support the Mission Beach community by assisting the re-establishment of a reef-based tourist market and provide improved recreational boating facilities

Current status

Residual works (road surfacing and so on) will be carried out after phase 2 in-water works has finished. 

The detached breakwater is now in place.

Alternative public boat ramp locations for use during construction

We will work with the contractor to enable public access to the boat ramp while works continue in 2020. 

To the north of Clump Point include (in order of distance north):

  • Maria Creek (sheltered)
  • Kurrimine Beach (open beach ramp)
  • Mourilyan Harbour (sheltered all-tide ramp, with floating walkway).

To the south of Clump Point include (in order of distance south):

  • South Mission Beach (open beach ramp)
  • Jacky Jacky Street, South Mission Beach (sheltered creek ramp)
  • Hull Heads, south bank of Hull River (sheltered)
  • Tully Heads (sheltered creek ramp).


We have received the final environmental approval for the Mission Beach Clump Point boating infrastructure upgrade project from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

An extensive traffic management plan is in place during construction which includes measures to avoid impacts on the environmental and cultural values of the area, avoids impact to cassowaries and minimises disruption caused by construction traffic.

Mission Beach Clump Point Boating Infrastructure Project: Construction Environmental Management Plan (PDF, 22.07MB)

Proposed map for the new facilities at Mission Beach Clump Point

 Proposed map for the new facilities at Mission Beach Clump Point