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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Queensland Cycling Action Plan

We are taking action to encourage more cycling, more often. Through the first 2 action plans, 129 actions have been delivered, including longer-term and ongoing actions. 

As we complete each action, we publish an Action Summary under each of our 5 priority areas below.

Icon of small circles connected together Building and connecting infrastructure to grow participation

People ride on all sorts of infrastructure when they ride for transport or recreation. We will plan, invest, build and maintain infrastructure that makes it easier and more comfortable for all types of people to ride as an everyday activity.

When making the choice to ride is as simple as using other modes of transport, people are more likely to start riding or to ride more often. Cycling infrastructure should help new riders feel safe and confident about using a bike for transport, and support all riders to feel comfortable on their journey.

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icon of 2 people riding bikes Encouraging more people to ride

Queenslanders choose to ride because it’s a healthy, enjoyable and environmentally-friendly activity. We will work across government and within communities through education and promotion to encourage even more people to ride.

Just about everyone can take part in bike riding, even if they haven’t been on a bike for years. It’s just a matter of getting started. Showing people, the benefits of riding and promoting it as a safe, convenient and enjoyable way to travel and to connect to their community is fundamental to growing bike riding throughout Queensland.

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Icon of a road Sharing our roads and public spaces

Clear guidance, education and road rules help Queenslanders to comfortably and safely share our roads and other public spaces. Our investment in technology will also make a difference to the way we share our roads.

More people riding bikes the whole community, and promotes a healthier way to travel. Encouraging all people to better share our public spaces—whether on the road, shared paths, footpaths, trails or other places—will help make getting around safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

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Icon of dollar sign and coins Powering the economy

Getting more people riding bikes, more often will help power Queensland’s economy and revitalise local communities. Well-planned cycling infrastructure pays itself off in health benefits and reduced traffic congestion. Bike riding and riding events can also promote jobs, increase tourism and contribute revenue to local businesses.

Whole countries to small towns all around the world have invested in bike riding with substantial benefits to their economies, jobs and transport systems. Investing in riding as a mode of transport for recreation and tourism will help to power Queensland’s economy.

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Icon of paper with magnifying glass on top of it Using research and data in decision making

Research and data help us understand who, how, why and where people are riding. This information is valuable to ensure our investments are having the maximum impact in the places they are needed most. We will use research and data as the basis of decision-making and investment in cycling infrastructure, programs and education.

New technologies are providing more opportunities than ever to collect and analyse data about who, how, why and where people ride. Research, tracking and reporting will help ensure the investments we make in cycling infrastructure and programs have positive impacts on our wellbeing and prosperity.

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Last updated 14 June 2024