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Cycling strategies

Queensland Cycling Strategy

The Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017–2027 sets the strategic direction for cycling in Queensland over the next 10 years. The strategy identifies 5 priorities to achieve the Queensland Government's vision for 'more cycling, more often':

  • building and connecting infrastructure to grow participation.
  • encouraging more people to ride.
  • sharing our roads and public spaces.
  • powering the economy.
  • using research and data in decision making. 

The strategy includes a 2-year action plan and report on the state of cycling in Queensland.

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Queensland Cycling Action Plan

The Queensland Cycling Action Plan 2023–2025 sets out the practical actions the Queensland Government will implement from 2023 to 2025 to encourage more people to ride.

This is the third action plan under the Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017–2027, a key strategy to achieve our objectives for the community. 

The Queensland Cycling Action Plan 2023–2025 builds on the progress made through the delivery of 129 actions under the first 2 action plans.

Follow our progress delivering actions from our action plans

Queensland State of Cycling Report 2022

The Queensland State of Cycling Report 2022 shares key data on bike riding in Queensland, and reports on our progress under the 5 objectives of the Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017–2027.

Every 2 years, we will publish a new 2-year action plan and a new report on the state of cycling in Queensland to ensure we respond to changes and are progressing toward our vision of more cycling, more often.

Last updated 12 March 2024