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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Inclusive Mapping Pilot Project

All Queenslanders have the right to participate in their community equally. The transport network needs to provide everyone with an opportunity to access jobs, education, social activities and essential services. 

People who use wheelchairs and other mobility devices often find it hard to travel through the built environment of cities and suburbs due to a lack of maps and wayfinding information about accessible routes. 

The Inclusive Mapping Pilot Project combines the lived experience of people with disability with innovative technology to collect and share information about footpath conditions and access to public transport and key destinations.

The project is a partnership between the Department Transport and Main Roads and Briometrix Australia, a leading provider of technology solutions for people with disabilities. 

Data was collected by wheelchair users travelling the network with devices fitted to their chairs gathering information about footpath conditions and the level of effort required to negotiate the built environment. From this, maps were generated to show accessible pathways and potentially match routes to a person's physical abilities.

Maps have been developed for a small but diverse range of areas to test a number of aspects of the overall approach.

View the interactive maps: 

Information shown on the maps was correct at time of collection, but local conditions may have changed. We make no warranties as to the currency of the information provided. 

We will continue to assess the application of inclusive mapping approaches. 

The Inclusive Mapping Pilot Project is one of the actions of the Queensland Action Plan for Walking 2019-2021, part of the Queensland Walking Strategy 2019-2029. The project also supports response 3a of the South Brisbane Transport and Mobility Study and the TMR Accessibility and Inclusion Strategy

Last updated 16 November 2022