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Bridges and other structures

This page contains lists of registered suppliers and products and the scheme documentation.

Registered products and suppliers

Cementitious materials
Chemical admixtures 
Curing compounds 
Paint Systems - refer to technical note TN144 Paint Systems for MRTS88
Precast concrete
Prestressing strand
Product index for bridges and other structures
Proprietary Design Index for Bridges and Other Structures
Reinforcing steel 
Steel beam guardrail
Steel fabrication

Registration Scheme – Suppliers and products for bridges and other structures

The department has introduced a revised Registration Scheme to register suppliers and products that align with the department’s Technical Specifications. Registration will minimise risks associated with purchasing non-conforming items for use in departmental projects.

The Scheme covers:

  • fabricated steelwork (including aluminium and stainless steel)
  • precast concrete
  • reinforcing steel
  • cementitious materials
  • prestressing strand
  • curing compounds
  • chemical admixtures
  • reinforcing stainless steel.

Documentation comprises of:

The process for assessment of other products related to bridges and other structures can be found within the Product Index for Bridges and Other Structures (published on this page).

This registration scheme is based on the framework contained within the Transport Infrastructure Project Delivery System (TIPDS), Volume 3B.

Last updated
18 May 2021