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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Bridges and other structures

This page contains lists of registered suppliers and products and the scheme documentation.

Registered products and suppliers

Cementitious materials
Chemical admixtures 
Curing compounds 
Precast concrete
Prestressing strand
Reinforcing steel 
Steel beam guardrail
Steel fabrication

The Product Index lists registered products and those assessed as meeting the specification requirements. Products are only registered for the application listed in the specification.

Product index for bridges and other structures

TN144 covers paint systems to MRTS88 and is a guide for Designers when they compile MRTS88.1. Refer to technical note TN144 Paint Systems for MRTS88 for details.

The Proprietary Design Index lists designs from registered suppliers which have been approved by Structures in accordance with the relevant specification.

Proprietary Design Index for Bridges and Other Structures

Supplier Registration Scheme

The supplier registration scheme describes the process for becoming and remaining a registered supplier.
Details for this process for the Product Index can be found within that document.

Documentation comprises of:

This registration scheme is based on the framework contained within the Transport Infrastructure Project Delivery System (TIPDS).
Last updated 09 January 2023