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Speed limit setting

The Queensland Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), within the context of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995, contains the design of, and the methods, standards and procedures in relation to every sign, signal, marking, light or device, installed on a road.

Information contained in the Queensland MUTCD provide further guidance or requirements under the relevant Queensland MUTCD sections. A full outline of the MUTCD is available on the department's MUTCD web page.

Control of speed is an important aspect in effective and safe management of traffic. Involvement of speed-related factors in road crashes is well established and generally understood by road users.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads' Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Part 4: Speed Controls (MUTCD Part 4) defines the approach used within Queensland to review and revise speed limits on existing roads within the Queensland road network.

How are speeds set in Queensland?

The procedure for determining a speed limit for a speed zone in Queensland is an eight-stage process outlined in Section 3 of the department's MUTCD Part 4.

Broadly, the aim of the speed limit review process is to determine and implement a speed limit that appropriately balances the road environment, the function of the road and the safety of all road users such that speed limits are realistic, consistent and consequently encourage voluntary compliance.

Technical guidance

Speed Limit Review tool

The Speed Limit Review tool is provided to assist road authorities undertaking a speed limit review.

Please ensure the tool is used in conjunction with the relevant  technical guidance when conducting a speed limit review, including the Infrastructure Risk Rating Manual and Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Part 4: Speed Controls.

Please note that setting a speed limit is an engineering service pursuant to Queensland Professional Engineers Act 2002.

A demonstration of how to use the tool can found in the demo video below. If you have any queries about the Speed Limit Review tool, please contact us via the email at


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13 May 2022