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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Getting the most out of existing infrastructure

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has developed the Network Optimisation Framework (NOF) to help those involved in investment planning and decision making to prioritise consideration of lower cost and non-infrastructure solutions before considering more extensive infrastructure solutions. Ensuring that you consider solutions which optimise our existing network, will ensure we design and deliver a best-practice infrastructure program.

View our tools and guides for evaluation of lower cost and non-infrastructure solutions:

The Framework

The Network Optimisation Framework provides direction about what we must consider when making planning and investment decisions to ensure we are getting the most from our existing assets and using infrastructure smarter and more efficiently than before.

To support the framework, we've developed a smarter solutions reference guide and multi-criteria analysis tool which will help to ensure the consideration of low cost and non-infrastructure solutions. The framework indicates when referring to these tools will be helpful and why. The framework is a living document and will be updated regularly to reflect changes in our processes and changes to government policy.

View the Network Optimisation Framework

Smarter Solutions: Reference Guide

The Smarter Solutions: Reference Guide is a starting point for the consideration of low cost and non-infrastructure solutions—providing information about the benefits and costs of numerous ready-to-implement solutions relevant to Queensland's transport system.

Case studies, including where these solutions have previously been implemented across Australia and the world, are included to illustrate the opportunities and challenges associated with network optimisation solutions.

If you have evaluated or are evaluating a project you think should be included as a case study or a candidate for a new NOF solution in the guide, we would encourage you to contact us via so that it can be evaluated for inclusion in the departmental Project Evaluation Library for the benefit of future projects.

View the Smarter Solutions: Reference Guide

Smarter Solutions: Multi-criteria Analysis Tool

The framework introduces a Smarter Solutions: Multi-criteria Analysis Tool to our infrastructure planning process.

The tool provides assurance to infrastructure decision-making bodies - such as our Infrastructure Investment Committee and Regional Planning Coordination Groups - that the consideration of low cost and non-infrastructure solutions aligns to the government policy direction for investment decision making.

Designed to supplement existing processes, such as the Project Assessment Framework (PAF) and OnQ (see related project governance resources). The tool provides a clear line-of-sight between the infrastructure policy, planning and investment decisions that occur across the department – documenting consideration of network optimisation solutions from the initial stages of strategic planning through to the investment decisions and project approval.

Use of the Smarter Solutions: Multi-criteria Analysis Tool is optional but recommended.

View the:

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Last updated 02 August 2022