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Tenders and contracts

Information for suppliers and contractors

Trading with Transport and Main Roads

The department offers work through a tender process and various construction and maintenance contract arrangements.

In general, tenders will only be considered for Transport and Main Roads' major works using the road construction contract (RCC) document if the tenderer is currently prequalified. The prequalification level of the tenderer must be equal to or greater than the advertised project level for the works.


Transport and Main Roads generally calls for tenders for its construction projects. A number of projects, however, are delivered under sole invitee arrangements with local governments or with Transport and Main Roads' own commercial units (RoadTek).

Tender offers and listings are found at the Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office.

Tender information and documentation are available on the website, with a login and password, issued by Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office.

Advertisements and prequalification

Advertisements inviting tenders for Transport and Main Roads projects state the minimum prequalification levels of organisations for the issue of tender documents. These documents are issued on request, only to appropriately prequalified organisations.

The prequalification level of the tenderer must not be less than the advertised project level for the works.

Project delivery options

Main Roads project delivery system (MRPDS) determines the delivery options for major works and projects.

We recognise the need for a variety of delivery methods and to accommodate this, we have developed a series of contract documents:

  • volume 1: road construction contract
  • volume 2: roadworks performance contract
  • volume 3: minor works

They are currently available in our technical publications area.

Electronic tendering

Traditionally, Transport and Main Roads has utilised a manual paper-based process for issuing and accepting tenders.

Transport and Main Roads recognises the benefits associated with electronic tendering systems.

We have developed a works delivery system which provides significant benefits to both parties. The first stage of this system allows the use of electronic schedule of rates in the tendering process.

This has been achieved by the development of the Tender schedule viewer program.

In the future these documents and programs will be available on our new site.

Proposed major roadworks to competitive tender report

The Proposed major works to competitive tender report comprises contracts valued at $1 million and above intended to be procured over the forward 12 month period. The report is updated on a quarterly basis and includes road and transport infrastructure contracts proposed to be let by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The latest tender report can be viewed on the Transport and Main Roads website.

Last updated
24 August 2017