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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Civil construction and maintenance

Aerial view of road works

RoadTek provides transport infrastructure solutions throughout Queensland, focusing primarily on the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of the state’s extensive road and bridge network.
We work on all types of roads and pavements, as well as timber, steel and concrete bridges and associated drainage structures. We are based in strategic locations across Queensland enabling us to deliver projects anywhere in the state.


Road works on a rural dirt road
  • Construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of roads, bridges, highways, culverts and other drainage structures, and airfield pavements
  • Strengthening and rehabilitation of water infrastructure including weirs and dams
  • Delivering infrastructure projects within Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • Immediate emergency response to natural disasters such as cyclones and flooding and other disasters such as bushfires, oil spills and environmental contamination.

Our areas of expertise include:

Routine maintenance

We ensure infrastructure assets function safely and in line with original intentions by undertaking regular routine maintenance, including pavement repairs, mowing, road furniture maintenance, bridge cleaning and vegetation control.

Maintenance management

Road works with craneRoadTek helps to add value to and extend the life of assets by providing a combination of asset stewardship, bridge inspections (level 1, 2 and in some instances level 3), data logging, corridor management, data analysis and maintenance recommendations.

Vegetation maintenance

RoadTek has an internationally certified environmental management system, which includes environmental management plans with best practice measures in place to preserve vegetation and help minimise long term costs. Vegetation management is supported by mowing, landscaping, maintenance of garden beds and herbicide treatments.


Captain Cook bridge night worksRoadTek provides rehabilitation services such as recycling and stabilisation, widening and overlay, guardrail upgrade, intersection upgrade, slurries, asphalt cementitous overlays and mine rehabilitation, working with asset owners to return their assets to near original condition.

New works

RoadTek also delivers new infrastructure projects or works to improve the functionality of an asset beyond original design requirements. New works projects range from new alignments and bridges, to preparatory earth works.


RoadTek provides a range of structures services, including construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of concrete bridges and culverts, and rehabilitation and maintenance of steel bridges and timber bridges. We also undertake L1, L2 and L3 structures inspections. 


RoadTek delivers a range of guardrail services, including both one-off projects and long-term guardrail improvement and maintenance programs for all safety barrier systems.

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Last updated 14 March 2022