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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Heavy vehicle operator information

National notices and permit-based schemes

All national notices and permit-based schemes are implemented by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. The following are specific for Queensland.

Excess mass or dimension permits

Access permits are issued by the NHVR and applications are lodged by the NHVR Portal.

Livestock loading in Queensland

Multi-combination permits

A permit can provide access for multi-combination livestock vehicles to:

  • transport livestock to the Roma Saleyards and the meatworks facilities in Rockhampton
  • help move drought affected livestock or fodder— access to certain roads within Darling Downs and the South West District is allowed under this permit. 

Applications for a multi-combination permit are processed by the NHVR via the NHVR Portal.

Livestock Loading

The Livestock Loading addresses the difficulty of accurately assessing the mass of livestock when it is being loaded and transported throughout Queensland. It also recognises that livestock travel better when loaded to a comfortable density which provides better load stability and improved safety for both the vehicle and livestock.

Load Restraint Guide

The load restraint guide provides transport drivers, operators, and other participants in the transport chain of responsibility with basic safety principles which should be followed for the safe carriage of loads on road vehicles.

Loading heavy vehicles safely is vital to preventing injury to people and damage to property. A copy of the Load restraint Guide can be downloaded from NHVR Loading page.

Safe Movement Guideline - Conditionally registering a vehicle in Queensland

Conditional registration is for non-standard vehicles that do not comply with the standard regulations for registration and have a genuine need for limited access to the road network.

Queensland access condition guide 

The Queensland access condition guide is to be read in conjunction with the following National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Notices:

  • Multi-State Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicles Dimension Exemption Notice.
  • Multi-State Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicles Mass Exemption Notice.
  • National Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle (up to 40t total mass) Mass and Dimension Exemption Notice.
  • Queensland Class 1 Special Purpose Combination Mass Dimension Exemption Notice.
  • Queensland Class 3 B-Double and Road Train (Carriage of Large Indivisible Items) Dimension Exemption Notice.
  • Queensland Class 3 Truck and Dog Trailer (exceeding 19m up to 31.5m in length) Mass and Dimension Exemption Notice.

Pilot and escort operations in Queensland

Pilot and escort vehicle drivers accompanying vehicles/combinations over 3.5m wide and over 25m in length should ensure they have ready access to the Safe Movement Guideline - Pilot and Escort Operations in Queensland.

The number of pilot and escort vehicle drivers required for a particular load, area or type of road is listed in the Queensland access condition guide

Queensland Globe allows you to quickly identify critical areas, critical roads and major roads using the layers tab. 

The excess mass and dimensions page provides more detailed information, including the Conditions of Operations Database for excess mass and dimension vehicles. 

Grain harvest management scheme

The scheme is administered jointly by the Department of Transport and Main Roads and AgForce.

  • AgForce coordinate the heavy vehicle approvals, stickers, and report to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
  • The Department of Transport and Main Roads approve the Grain Harvest Management Scheme receivers and monitor the scheme for compliance.

Controlled access buses (overall length not exceeding 14.5m)

Natural disaster assistance 

If you live in a Queensland disaster activated area, you may be eligible to apply for Transport and Motoring Assistance.
  • Disaster assistance information bulletin
Last updated 11 December 2023