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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Queensland excess mass and dimension conditions

Important changes to access permit application process

From 16 December 2019 excess mass operators do not need to be registered as an Approved Heavy Haulage Operator (AHHO) in Queensland. Registering with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Portal will replace the Queensland AHHO.

The requirement for an Authority to Operate (ATO) remains for Special Purpose Vehicles, however, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) will not be issuing excess mass operators with an Authority to Operate Certificate. Operators can access information relating to their vehicles from the NHVR Portal.

Special Purpose Vehicles exceeding regulation mass wishing to access the Queensland state-controlled road network will still require a supervised weigh and measure prior to obtaining access to the Queensland state-controlled road network.

The requirement for an excess mass prime mover to obtain an ATO for each vehicle prior to operating has also been removed.

Heavy vehicles (vehicles or trailers with a GVM or ATM over 4.5 tonnes) operating on Queensland roads must not exceed the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation mass limits.

If your vehicle does not exceed Regulation mass limits it is classified as a General Access Vehicle. General Access Vehicles can travel on the road network without a notice or permit unless otherwise signposted.

If your vehicle does exceed Regulation mass limits, you will need to either:


Note: If your vehicle is also excess dimensions, you must comply with all conditions of the relevant Heavy Vehicle National Law excess dimension exemption notice or access permit you are operating under.

In Queensland, all Special Purpose Vehicles exceeding regulation mass are required to have a supervised weigh and measure. prior to obtaining access to the Queensland state-controlled road network. 

When operating an excess mass vehicle in Queensland you are required to comply with:

  • All conditions outlined in the Heavy Vehicle National Law excess mass exemption notice or access permit you are operating under


Failure to comply with these conditions may result in enforcement action.

Conditions of Operation Database

The conditions of operation database lists the latest changes and updates to road conditions, including:

  • conditions for an excess mass/excess dimension permit;
  • Queensland-wide conditions of operation applicable between 2 selected dates; and
  • Queensland-wide conditions have changed since a selected date.

Note: Due to regional government amalgamations, TMR is currently transitioning from a district to a regionally based structure that is consistent with the new Local Government boundaries. Until this transition is complete, the Conditions of Operation Database will refer to the older district boundaries maps.
The state-controlled road network is also available for route planning.

Authority to Operate – Heavy Haulage

To operate an excess mass Special Purpose Vehicle in Queensland you must obtain an Authority to Operate for each individual vehicle.
To apply:

You will also need to to provide:

  • vehicle description and approved operating masses
  • evidence of TMR supervised weigh of the vehicle
Last updated 05 September 2023