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Department of Transport and Main Roads

M1 truck lane restrictions

Trucks are restricted to travelling in the 2 left lanes of the Pacific Motorway (M1) between Rochedale (southbound) and Varsity Lakes and Underwood (northbound).

We are committed to keeping traffic moving on the M1. Results show that when trucks are restricted from the right lanes on motorways, traffic flows more smoothly, there are fewer crashes and there is minimal impact on freight efficiency.

Signs and penalties

No trucks road sign

Signs showing the lane restriction zones are installed along the M1. 

Demerit points and fines apply if a truck drives past a no trucks sign.

Affected trucks

  • A truck is defined as a vehicle that weighs more than 4.5t, but does not include a bus.
  • The 4.5t relates only to the Gross Vehicle Mass and excludes any trailer attached to the vehicle.


  • Trucks are permitted to use the 2 left lanes only, 24 hours a day.
  • Trucks are permitted to overtake other vehicles, if it is safe to do so, but they must not travel outside the 2 left lanes to do so.
  • Trucks are permitted to travel in the right lane to avoid an obstruction on the road only for the time it takes to clear the obstruction (for example, debris) and if it is safe to do so.
  • Trucks are not permitted to travel outside of the 2 left lanes even if traffic is slow or stopped.
Last updated 05 September 2023