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The template flow is shown in the attached diagram, OnQ project template flow.

This is shown in matrix form in the OnQ Template Scaling Guide.

There are templates covering all project types and sizes.

There are some different templates for infrastructure and business / corporate projects. There are also some large and small project templates and some templates are combined in the 4in1.

The maximum number of OnQ templates any one project will have is 10. This will occur for larger business/ corporate projects with an ICT component requiring BPA & BRS templates – and these latter 2 will have an preliminary and final versions. Infrastructure projects will generally need up to seven. Small infrastructure or business / corporate projects may need only 2.

The OnQ project templates are listed below.

*Note: For further advice on the 5 in 1 template used for the OnQ Type 1 projects, please email

Projects to be funded under the federal Infrastructure Investment – National Projects will require additional federal templates.


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Last updated 3 January 2024