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Heavy motor vehicle types and definitions

Heavy motor vehicles over 4.5t gross vehicle mass (GVM) must be inspected by a HVRAS accredited person or at a transport and motoring service centre before being registered in Queensland. Listed below are definitions of the various heavy motor vehicles and the corresponding inspection sheet for these vehicle types:


Photograph of side view of a rigid truck
Caption—example of rigid truck

Prime mover

  • A prime mover is a heavy motor vehicle designed to tow a semi-trailer
  • Semi-trailers are connected by a fifth wheel on the back of the prime mover
  • Complete prime mover inspection sheet (F2875)

Photograph of side view of a prime mover
Caption—example of prime mover


Photograph of front and side of bus
Caption—Example of bus

Articulated bus

  • An articulated bus is a bus with 2 or more rigid sections connected to one another in a way that allows:
    • passenger access between the sections
    • rotary movement between the sections
  • Complete articulated bus inspection sheet (F2873)

Photograph of the side view of an articulated bus
Caption—Example of articulated bus

Amphibious vehicle/vessel

Photograph of 2 amphibious vehicles parked on the ground
Caption—Example of amphibious vehicle/vessel


  • A motorhome is a motor vehicle with a GVM >4.5t and is manufactured to include accommodation space which contains at least:
    • a table (may be easily removable)
    • sleeping facilities
    • cooking facilities
    • storage
    • a fire extinguisher
    • an outward opening or sliding door opening to the left or rear of the vehicle that allows clear and unobstructed access to the cabin
  • The number of transport seats in the vehicle must be equal to or exceed the number of sleeping positions (for example, sleeping positions for 4 people must have a minimum seating capacity of 4)
  • If the vehicle has a possible dual purpose, the vehicle must be registered as a truck
  • Complete motorhome/campervan inspection sheet (4550)

Photograph of front view of a motorhome
Caption—example of motorhome

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Last updated 19 January 2023