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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Peak demand management plans

Peak demand management plans allow substitute vehicles to be used to provide taxi services during periods of high customer demand. Any booking entity of licenced taxis may seek to have a peak demand management plan approved by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Substitute vehicles

A substitute vehicle may be used, with approval from Transport and Main Roads, to replace an existing taxi in the event the vehicle cannot be used due to accident or repair.

In certain approved circumstances, substitute vehicles may also be approved to supplement the taxi fleet during times of peak customer demand.

The use of substitute vehicles during peak demand periods no longer requires the oversight of taxi service contract holders.


Authorised booking entities may apply to use a substitute vehicle that is approved by Transport and Main Roads as a substitute taxi for the provision of taxi services during identified peak demand periods. Approvals will be issued for an annual term and can be provided until 30 September 2024.

Approvals will be based on application suitability, including demonstrated demand.

Substitute taxi approvals are issued on an annual basis. Substitute taxi registration plates are required for all substitute and peak demand vehicles.

How to apply

Call the Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 23 80 or visit your local Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre to find out more about applying for a peak demand management plan.

Last updated 31 October 2022