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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Road Safety Policy

The Road Safety Policy helps us prioritise the safety of our customers in the delivery of infrastructure across Queensland’s road network, enabling Transport and Main Roads’ (TMR) vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on Queensland roads (Queensland Road Safety Strategy 2022-31).

TMR Road Safety Organisational Policy 2022

Road Safety Policy fact sheets 


The objective of this organisational policy is to ensure TMR has a robust approach to road safety which enables:

  • relevant TMR policies and strategies to prioritise the need to minimise crash severity outcomes through the Safe System approach
  • a holistic approach considering all 4 pillars working together as a system, not in isolation (refer figure 1 in the Road Safety Policy)
  • the proactive and continuous management of value across the transport infrastructure investment program to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on the state-controlled road network
  • TMR to influence road safety outcomes across the entire transport system through transport regulation, policy and program development, public education and engagement, grants programs, system monitoring and working with key partners such as QPS
  • the successful delivery of all TMR programs and projects with a focus on achieving safety outcomes
  • the assessment of key road safety considerations and indicators consistently throughout all project phases (refer Appendix B in the Road Safety Policy).


The Safe System approach:

  • provides a standardised structure to apply system level thinking that recognises the interactions between different components of the road system in influencing crash likelihood, risk and outcomes
  • provides a set of defined and reproducible processes designed to ensure that programs successfully deliver intended outcomes and benefits that reduce both the likelihood and severity of crashes when they do occur
  • takes a whole of road network and route level perspective, not just individual crash sites
  • recognises the importance of investing in our road network to specifically reduce or eliminate hazards and provide a more forgiving road environment, in the event that a pillar of Safe System fails.


  • programs and projects focussed on delivering the safety outcome that no individual road user is exposed to crash forces lading to fatal and serious injuries
  • road network design improvements, in conjunction with posted speed limits, provide an appropriate level of protection offered by the road environment
  • the enhancement of policy, regulation and legislation as it relates to road users, road access and vehicle safety
  • the development of public education and engagement strategies
  • TMR’s corporate policies, procedures and standards, with resulting actions to address risks and opportunities.

Safety standards are being formalised as part of TMR’s Network Safety Plans (NSPs) project.

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Last updated 16 December 2022