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Infra+ projects


Infra+ is a funding category available to councils under our Cycle Network Local Government Grants program (the program). Infra+ grants enable councils to undertake targeted promotion, engagement, behaviour change, and educational activities associated with cycling infrastructure being delivered on the principal cycle network through the program.

The main objective of Infra+ grant funding is to rapidly increase use of new high priority cycle routes (or networks of routes). Activities should therefore be focused on the rideable and walkable catchment of recently completed (or soon to be completed) infrastructure.

Infra+ grants will help deliver the Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017-2027 vision of more cycling, more often by growing cycling participation. Infra+ activities will promote the benefits of bike riding (and walking as appropriate) on the new infrastructure and promote its use for safe, convenient and enjoyable travel.

Application requirements

To apply for Infra+ grant funding, councils should complete the program application form plus an Infra+ proposal form.

Infra+ applications can be submitted either as part of, or in parallel with, an application for construction funding. Infra+ project should focus on routes being delivered or recently delivered. Councils are encouraged to submit an Infra+ application when completing the final section of a longer route or network of routes.

The following details should be included in the Infra+ proposal:

  • objectives of the proposed Infra+ campaign
  • who is the target audience for the campaign and why—for example, commuters, families and children
  • map clearly illustrating the whole priority cycle route (or network of routes) targeted by the campaign, along with its rideable and walkable catchment—ideally this will identify all state and local networks/projects that could be covered by the campaign
  • identification of projects along the route which are currently under construction (or recently completed), with completion timeframes
  • identification of any new construction projects for which council is applying as a linked project to the Infra+ application
  • types of promotional, engagement, behaviour change or educational activities which would be undertaken as part of the campaign. Consider your target audience—what would motivate them to use the new infrastructure? Refer to the Infra+ proposal for example activities
  • indicative costings and timeframes for activities proposed. Please note: estimates can be used for the Infra+ application (confirmed costings will need to be submitted and approved as part of an Infra+ campaign plan should your funding application be approved)
  • any specific locations along or near the route where target audiences can be engaged in activities—for example, schools, transit stations, hospitals, universities, shopping centres or neighbourhoods. Consider your target audience: where do they live, where do they want to go
  • what would success look like, what performance indicators would you use to measure success? There are a range of measurement and counting options available for pre and post campaign evaluation including:
    • manual and/or automatic cycle and pedestrian counters
    • cordon counts on principal routes into major centres
    • ABS travel-to-work data
    • gathering data from workplace surveys
    • school travel surveys
    • counting parked bicycles
    • reported behaviours
    • participation numbers (either through quantitative or qualitative surveys)
    • geospatial information
    • cost-benefit analysis of projects
  • a final project report will be required as part of a campaign plan, should your funding application be approved—the final project report should review the program overall, the individual activities completed, the success or failure of activities and how future activities could be improved at a minimum.

Approved Infra+ projects—deliverables

Before submitting an Infra+ application, the program strongly encourages council to arrange a meeting with the program team to discuss the proposed project and Infra+ activities.

Infra+ projects approved for funding should be rolled out through the milestones and deliverables as listed in Table 1.

Table 1: Milestones and deliverables

Milestone Year Deliverable
1—Execute agreement 1
  • Execution of the agreement
  • Submission of Infra+ project works schedule
  • First 25% grant funding payable
2—Commencing Infra+ activities 1
  • Submit a draft Infra+ campaign plan, including detailed cost estimates and work schedule, and an evaluation and monitoring plan for the proposed campaign. The program team will review draft documentation and provide feedback. Councils can seek feedback and assistance from the program at any stage during development process
  • Submit a final campaign plan
  • Commence the program-endorsed campaign plan activities
  • Claim second payment of 50%
3—Project Completion 1 or 2
  • Upon completion of campaign activities, submit to the program team for review and approval the following:
    • campaign evaluation report
    • final project report (F205)
  • Once the final project report has been approved by the program team, the final payment of 25% can be claimed

All documentation should be submitted to for review and approval.

Funding requirements

Infra+ funding is available through the program on a dollar for dollar matched basis (50%). Infra+ funding can be applied as a linked grant to an existing or new construction project(s) funded under the program.

Cost items eligible for funding through Infra+ applications must be directly related to the development, coordination and implementation of the Infra+ campaign. Assets can be purchased for use throughout the campaign and future cycling events in the community, if appropriate. All non-asset related items and any recurring expenses must be time limited. A consultant or council officer can be hired/recruited to deliver the grant and associated campaign; however, their role and responsibilities must be clearly defined and directly relate to the delivery of the campaign. All cost items will be approved by the program via an Infra+ campaign plan developed by council, post funding approval and prior to campaign activities commencing.

All publications and media will need to acknowledge the program funding and need to be approved in accordance with the program guidelines: "The <project name / suitable descriptor of the route> is proudly supported by the Queensland Government's Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program."

Contact information

If you have any further enquiries, please email the Cycling grants program team on

Last updated 03 November 2022

Further information

Download the Infra+ projects factsheet.