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Moggill Road Cycle Bridge

The Moggill Road Cycle Bridge has improved connectivity along the Centenary Highway and Western Freeway Bikeways, and is an important link in the journey from the Western Suburbs to the Brisbane CBD. This high quality cycle infrastructure provides a separated path for people who travel by bike.

The bridge was constructed over Moggill Road where it meets the Western Freeway at Indooroopilly. It improves safety and travel time by removing the need for riders to cross 4 lanes of traffic on Moggill Road, as well as the on and off ramps for the Western Freeway.

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Key facts

  • 218m long cycle-only bridge
  • Elevated 6.5m above Moggill Road
  • An investment of approximately $9 million was made by the Queensland Government for installation of the bridge
  • In 2016, an average of 820 bike riders used the bridge each day

Benefits and insights

The Centenary Cycleway remains popular for both commuter and recreational riders. The new cycle bridge reduces the time spent travelling by at least 2 minutes, in addition to creating physical separation for cyclists and vehicles on the busy Moggill Road.

Image showing the Moggill Road Cycle Bridge from an aerial view 

A 2016 survey of bike riders using the bridge showed a modest shift in choice of transport.1 An additional 3% of riders surveyed reported that they were making completely new riding trips as a result of the construction of the bridge.

Of the riders surveyed, 3% had chosen bike riding over using vehicles or public transport, even though 90% of those surveyed had ready access to a vehicle, and 86% had public transport options available. The majority of those surveyed said that cycling actually saved them time compared to using other transportation methods.

The average bike riding trip across the bridge for recreation was about 36km, compared to 18km of transport trips.

An independent evaluation of the Moggill Road Cycle Bridge estimated approximately $2 in economic benefit for every dollar invested, through improved health outcomes, reduced traffic congestion and lower transportation costs for the local community.1

Construction challenges

The Moggill Road Cycle Bridge was constructed adjacent to the Western Freeway and over the multi-lane Moggill Road.

The design incorporated a pre-stressed concrete T-girder bridge, with composite reinforced concrete decks and precast concrete kerbs. Its 9 distinct spans vary from 17-32 metres. To manage costs and reduce traffic disruption, the girders weighing up to 103 tonnes were pre-fabricated off-site, transported to the project site and lowered into place using 350 tonne and 500 tonne mobile cranes.

Night shot of construction of the Moggill Road Cycle Bridge Image of the construction of the Moggill Road Cycle Bridge

The bridge construction was challenging due to building in a tight space/corridor using the associated bikeways. Additionally, the requirements for safety barriers and accessibility for safety inspections, repair and maintenance, as well as the minimisation of graffiti, were important considerations.

The LED lights used inside the handrail were selected as they can be removed straight from the balustrade and replaced within minutes, rather than requiring lane closures for maintenance.

Due to concerns from local residents and the catchment group for rehabilitation of the basin after construction, an organic blanket was applied so that native vegetation mix would grow and establish quickly after construction was complete.

The bridge deck expansion joint was chosen specifically to avoid gaps or bumps in the surface and create a smooth ride for cyclists.

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More information

For more information, please contact the Cycling and Programs team by emailing

Read more design information in Options for Designers of Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridges to achieve value-for-money.

1 CDM Research. 2016. Evaluation of the Moggill Road Cycle Bridge. Brisbane. Report prepared for Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. Available on our Infrastructure benefit evaluations page.

Last updated 16 November 2022