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Slacks Creek Green Link

The Slacks Creek Green Link from Compton Road to Moss Street gives residents and visitors the chance to experience 'nature in the city'. The shared path, serving recreation and transport purposes, is part of Logan City Council's staged plan to form an active and healthy loop connecting Springwood and Slacks Creek on either side of the Pacific Motorway. 

Opened in mid 2020, it completes one piece of a larger plan originally outlined by Logan City Council in the Springwood Implementation Plan. The project is expected to benefit local businesses by attracting people to the area and improving safety along the Slacks Creek corridor.

Aerial image showing the completed Slacks Creek Green Link

Aerial image showing the completed Slacks Creek Green Link
Image credit: Logan City Council

Before and after construction of the Slacks Creek Green Link

Before construction of the Slacks Creek Green Link After construction of the Slacks Creek Green Link
Before image credit: Nearmap September 2019
After image credit: Nearmap May 2020

Key facts

  • 780m off-road, 3-4m wide shared path in Slacks Creek
  • Project cost of $3.2 million jointly funded by Logan City Council and the Queensland Government. The Queensland Government contributed over $1.2 million to the project
  • Features and amenities include a bridge crossing, landscaping, art sculptures, painting artwork, refuse and dog waste bins, bike shelters and bench seating
  • Safety features include lighting, CCTV security cameras and wayfinding signage
  • Project identification from the 2016 Springwood Summit, a large community engagement event
  • The Compton Road to Baker Street Cycle Way Project (jointly funded by Logan City Council and the Queensland Government) was delivered in 2021. This connects the path to the V1 cycleway along the Pacific Highway Service Road to the East and Cronulla Park precinct to the West. 

Benefits and insights

Pathway and furniture along Slacks Creek Green LinkThe Slacks Creek Green Link has successfully integrated cycling and walking infrastructure with open space, landscaping, furniture, public art, bins, bike shelters and a bridge crossing. The project has addressed residents’ safety and connection concerns by installing lighting and CCTV security cameras.

This has transformed the under-utilised informal corridor to an accessible and attractive public open parkland.

The new path addresses a gap in safe off-road cycling infrastructure in the area and caters for new, leisure and family bike riders as well as joggers and walkers. Bike riders who use the nearby Veloway (V1) cycleway can detour on the green link to enjoy the parkland with direct access to some of the local businesses. Employees coming from the north now have a scenic, mostly off-road route to ride or walk to work at the Moss Street employment district.

Image credit: Logan City Council

Community engagement

In late 2016, Logan City Council hosted the Springwood Summit. Over 220 participants shared national and international perspectives on making Springwood south east Queensland's next CBD, representing a significant and innovative community engagement event.

The Springwood Summit Outcomes and Springwood Implementation Plan revealed ‘Creating Connections’ as a major theme. The Slacks Creek Green Link was identified as a priority short term project.

Logan City Council undertook significant community consultation during the development of the Green Link project. This included a project website, regular email updates to the local community, and letters and meetings with adjoining landowners and businesses

The early community engagement process allowed the project team to develop rapport with the community and businesses and to highlight the project's origins from the Springwood Summit. The fact that future projects will link to this path was also important in gaining community support.

Originally, lighting was not part of the project. However, after feedback, lighting was included and design changes made in order to improve accessibility for path users from the Green Link to businesses. Business owners indicated that they were particularly happy about the inclusion of lighting and CCTV as they believe it will deter crime and anti-social behaviour and create a sense of safety for all path and park users.

The Green Link was opened in June 2020. It received positive media coverage and community comments about the new link on social media were positive.

Award winning

The Slacks Creek Green Link was awarded the Planning Institute of Australia's (PIA) Healthy Active by Design Award for Queensland in 2020. PIA Queensland said the project showcased innovative ways to convert underutilised land.

More information

For more information about the Slacks Creek Green Link, please visit the Logan City Council project page or view the video.

You can also contact the Cycling and Programs team by emailing

Last updated 16 March 2023