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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Independent Audit into the Reliability of Queensland Rail's SEQ Rail Network

Transport and Main Roads has undertaken the Independent Audit into the Reliability of Queensland Rail’s SEQ Network.

The audit is an assessment of south east Queensland's rail network to identify potential improvements. It includes a technical assessment of civil structures, track, signalling, telecommunication, power systems, electrical overheads and rollingstock.

The audit had three main aims:

  • find out what caused the major disruptions to the south east Queensland rail network on 28 February and 14 March 2012  
  • determine whether Queensland Rail's current asset management strategies contributed to these disruptions — including assessments of maintenance practices, capital investment and systems
  • provide detailed recommendations on how to manage these assets into the future.

Transport and Main Roads conducted the audit with the technical support of Interfleet Technology, a rail consultancy company.



Last updated 28 September 2017