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Department of Transport and Main Roads

About RoadTek

Who we are

RoadTek is a commercial business within the department. 

We provide transport infrastructure solutions for projects across Queensland. 

We are a multi-disciplined organisation with accreditation to national and international standards. This means we value respect, safety, diversity and inclusion. 

Our common goal is to develop ways to build a safer and more sustainable Queensland. 

What we do

RoadTek specialises in delivering difficult, hard-to-scope, high risk and short-lead-time projects. 

Our job is to provide a range of transport solutions and services, including: 

  • civil construction and maintenance 
  • incident response
  • electrical services and digital infrastructure (including intelligent transport systems and signalisation design)
  • line marking services
  • emergency response to disruptive events and infrastructure failures. 

Two people in high visibility work wear standing on a road

How we work

We have positioned our offices across Queensland so we can deliver time-sensitive projects. Being in the community means we can better understand local and regional issues. It also helps us to build relationships with our partners and add value to the services we deliver. 

We provide a safe environment for our people, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. To protect the environment, we are investing in innovative and renewable solutions. Safety, environmental and social sustainability are key focus areas for the organisation. Our goal is to build a more sustainable future for Queenslanders. 

Why we are here

Worker in high visibility measuring on the side of a road

RoadTek provides value to government and the community by:

  • delivering innovative transport infrastructure maintenance, works and services across Queensland
  • delivering detailed analysis to support investment planning and decision making
  • being able to respond to urgent disruptive events and infrastructure failures across Queensland
  • supporting our workers throughout their career with ongoing education and support 
  • building long-lasting relationships with partners to better understand and meet community needs 
  • seeking, investigating, trialling and developing innovative solutions and practices
  • leveraging new technologies, materials and construction practices
  • developing crucial infrastructure delivery skills and capability for the department and government
  • contributing to the department being an exemplar agency
  • delivering high risk, community sensitive, short lead time projects on behalf of government
  • having positive relationships with local communities and local government
  • partnering with regional and Indigenous communities to enhance training, development and employment opportunities
  • leading by example through exceptional and diverse leadership 
  • committing to the ongoing improvement of our organisation
  • working to position the department and the broader community for a better tomorrow.
Last updated 7 March 2023