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Department of Transport and Main Roads

Customer Charter

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Our Customer Charter outlines our commitments to you, our customer.

Make safety our priority

  • Provide a safe environment for the community and our people
  • Maintain the transport network to a high safety standard
  • Provide education and enforce standards on all safety issues

Keep you informed

  • Ensure the information we provide is correct and up-to-date
  • Respond to you in a timely manner through your preferred channel
  • Provide information that minimises disruptions to your travel plans while offering alternatives where possible

Consult and collaborate

  • Show respect and ask for your feedback
  • Engage with you when developing new products and services
  • Use public resources and funds responsibly

Listen, action and improve

  • Offer a range of easy and accessible service options
  • Aim to meet your expectations first time, every time
  • Provide an efficient, accessible and affordable customer experience

Help us to help you

  • Providing accurate and complete details
  • Be respectful
  • Providing feedback to help us improve

TMR's commitment to you

At TMR we put our customers at the centre of everything we do.

TMR has been delivering products and services to Queenslanders for more than a century.

Over the past few years we have made significant progress successfully building on our existing customer focus and enhancing our customer-centric culture. This Customers First focus remains central to our Director-General’s vision for the department and is a key element of our strategic plan.

An important part of our customer led transformation has been the launch of a TMR Customer Charter. We asked our customers what our commitments and promises should be. We then referenced our Customer Value Proposition to ensure that our Customer Charter was specifically tailored to our customers’ needs and expectations.

The TMR Customer Charter aims to communicate our commitments to you and it outlines the level of service you can expect, and that you deserve. 

Our commitment to the people of Queensland is that all TMR employees will respect the privacy of your information and that we will attend to your enquires in a timely, respectful and responsive manner, ensuring that at all times we adhere to the Code of Conduct for the Queensland public service.

Another important element of the TMR Customer Charter is that we provide you with a number of channels to contact us, through an avenue that best suits you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if the service you have received did not meet your expectations. We are very keen to understand where we can improve.

View the Customer Charter flyer

Last updated 15 June 2021