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Driver and rider trainers

Find out how to become an accredited driver and rider trainer

Complaints procedures

Accredited driver trainers are encouraged to have a documented complaints procedure. The driver trainer should advise the learner driver, before or at the commencement of the first driving lesson that a complaint management procedure is in place. Information about the complaint management procedure should also be made available to family members or a guardian of the learner driver if requested.

All complaints received should be documented and maintained until finalised then stored.

For complaints regarding the quality of training or the conduct of the driver trainer

The learner driver should direct their complaint to the employer of the driver trainer in the first instance, and if no resolution is reached then the leaner driver is to be directed to the Department of Transport and Main Roads. The complaint to the department should be made in writing providing all pertinent details.

For issues of a criminal nature—such as assault

The complaint should be reported to Queensland Police Service in the first instance with advice given to the Manager of the local transport and motoring customer service centre. The advice to the department should be made in writing providing all pertinent details.

For issues regarding discrimination

The learner driver may contact the Australian Human Rights Commission, Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland or Queensland Police Service.

For disputes regarding fees or service contract matters

The learner driver should contact the employer of the driver trainer in the first instance and if no satisfaction is achieved the complaint may be lodged with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading.

A copy of documents relating to the investigation process and outcome of the complaint should be made available to the learner driver, family members or a guardian of the learner driver.  

Driver Trainer News

The Driver Trainer News informs accredited driver and rider trainers—driving school proprietors and registered training organisations (RTOs)—of:

  • upcoming changes and new initiatives
  • existing policies or procedures 
  • matters raised by industry members.

If you are an industry member and would like to suggest a topic to include in the Driver Trainer News please contact:

  1. the Australian Driver Trainer Association (Queensland) 
  2. the Independent Driving Instructors Guild or 
  3. your local customer service centre. 

Read the latest Driver Trainer News

Last updated
14 April 2021